Why should I buy an iPhone? | By Ishan [Hindi]

To day, I’ll show you video Why should I buy an iPhone? | By Ishan [Hindi]

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: Why should I buy an iPhone? | By Ishan [Hindi]

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Now , I will not give you a very detailed answer as to why I like Apple and what all it has over Android which makes it better only from the other phones .

I will just give you the basic pros of buying an iPhone , exactly what you will gain from buying it –

#1.Apple Premium status – Nothing beats the more than premium Apple logo which is at the back of any device , especially when you are holding it in your hand for everyone to look at it while you look at the screen . But Apple has such a cult following in the premium phone buyers segment , that it can never be ignored .

#2.Hardware and Software Integration – Apple has the best integration which makes the whole experience more linear and smooth overall , and it has become more dependable over the years and it is easier for people to adapt to the nest iteration more easily so that you stay in the Apple eco system for longer .

#3.Systematic Updates – You are covered for 2–3 years in that department at least if you get an iPhone , because generally every iPhone gets 2-3 major upgrades . But the best part is the upgrade system asnd it gets pushed to each device at the same time , even if you have an older generation model with you .

#4.Apps – It was the first smartphone OS to get an app store and since then Developers have only strived to build better apps every year , including the kind of innovations that have happened in that space alone .

#5.Learning curve – The learning curve of how you will be using the whole OS is not that difficult , I mean if kids can easily use it , how hard can it be for you .

These I think are the major advantages of the iPhones . Now , no phone is perfect ever and every phone has it’s own shortcomings . If you do not want to , then you should never spend close to that amount of money for buying a phone , and obviously the latest one only , because it has been marketed very cleverly and is “ the best iPhone ever made “ as Apple states every year when they unveil an iPhone .

iPhones have such a cult following right now , that to break it , we either need a whole new revolution in smartphone OS’s or just a brand new concept to the Premium tag smartphones get according to their status in the technological space . It is the perfect mix of premium design , good build quality , one of the easiest and best smartphone OS’s , great marketing and just the overall package being so enticing .

See , tech companies have the concept usually that they give the people what they want , but Apple makes the people want what they build , that was the founding vision and the company has sticked to that vision overall considering its product lines and services . So , Apple just makes you want to spend that much amount of money to get that thing in your hand to feel like you are one of the chosen few , it’s most of the brilliant marketing at play.

Android is steadily rising up , in the premium tag is associated with a lot of brands these days and is coming up to even more phones , also I think you will be perfectly fine with a $300-$400 phone also , I mean the experience wouldn’t be at that level , but still it will have some things that even iPhone will not have at that price point .

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