Why I Can't Go Home for 7 Years

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Hi everyone, we know there’s been a sad tone on our channel this week but rest assured… On Tuesday we’re back with sneaking in, wheel of discomfort and adventures with strangers… It’s going to be NUTS! We just had to get these two stories out.

This situation with Ammar in Egypt is very complicated, we hope you understand the situation and appreciate TD’s amazing piece at the end. Some of you might not agree with Ammar’s decision to stay in the U.S. but at the end of the of day, it’s his and his only. Having this emotional weight over our shoulders while traveling in Egypt did make it harder to focus on videos sometimes but it was a trip that was necessary for us all.

The Super 8-effect and music choice was completely inspired by Adrian Bliss and his amazing piece:

SONG by Tom Rosenthal:


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