Why Do We Have Sex?

To day, I’ll show you video Why Do We Have Sex?

There’s sexual reproduction, and there’s asexual reproduction. Which one is more beneficial, and why?

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Sexual reproduction has another benefit: It makes humans less prone to disease over time

“For decades, theories on the genetic advantage of sexual reproduction had been put forward, but none had ever been proven in humans, until now. Researchers have just shown how humanity’s predispositions to disease gradually decrease the more we mix our genetic material together. This discovery was finally made possible by the availability in recent years of repositories of biological samples and genetic data from different populations around the globe.”

The Pros And Cons Of Asexual Reproduction

“Making babies requires a male and a female, a sperm and an egg, right? Well, the wild world of animals is often more creative than the lot of us humans when it comes to making whoopee. In fact, some animals don’t have sex at all, thank you very much.”

The Advantage of Sex

“Why does sex — that is, sexual reproduction — exist?”

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