Manifesting Money in 2020: Why the old paradigm DOESN'T Work (and exactly what to do)

To day, I’ll show you video Manifesting Money in 2020: Why the old paradigm DOESN'T Work (and exactly what to do)

If you’d like to EASILY Manifest More Money in 2020, this is the video for you. Once you know EXACTLY how to release the old manifestation paradigm and replace it with a new one, everything will shift in a POWERFUL way.

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The key to manifesting money and 2020 is to actually not focus on the money at all. That’s the old way of going about it. That’s the old paradigm and in this video I’m going to show you a much more powerful way and what you must do to attract money and 20 and 20 and beyond.

Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be sharing with you the manifesting money paradigm, how we go about this in 2020 and beyond the year 2020 and beyond, and a lot of this has to do with my own observations to how things are now working in the world.

There are certain things that are coming to the surface, certain old ways of going about things that simply aren’t working anymore and it’s very obvious that there’s a shift in energy. Some people would call this five D manifestation or something like that.

Understanding higher vibrational mechanics of this, but think about it anyways. When people want to manifest money, why do they want the money? They want the money for the things that that money can get them and the thing is as people I’ve been going straight to the money not knowing that the source of energy within them, the currency within them does not need the money to get these actual things.

Think about it as well. Money is energy. We are energy. When we are putting good out into the world, when we are doing what we are passionate about, we are then being a service to the world and what happens is what is called the surplus energy within us. It’s called surplus energy, which means energy that goes beyond our own survival mechanism.

We need the general energy to have shelter, to eat, to do the day to day stuff. That stays within what keeps us safe. Anything beyond survival boat, which is when you’re doing what you’re passionate about, anything beyond that to where it then adds value to other people. It’s like your cup is already full so you can then add value to other people.

That is where then that surplus energy that you put out then comes back to you. That’s the way it actually works. And what happens is when we focus on the money, we’re actually going to, we’re going for a side effect because money is a side effect of energy. Money is a side effect of energy. So when we go for money, we’re going for something that is the side effect of something else.

When instead, if we focus on the energy, our own energy, how we feel, and we focused on getting more in flow, we’ll see that. Then things go more our Whoa way. Okay? So that’s the key to this is understanding this dynamic of energy and the chasing of the money is a 2020 paradigm.

It’s old, it’s outdated. It’s like you’re one of those people that just got a new car and then a year later you’re like, I need a new car. This one’s old. It’s just a 2020 but guess what? This is like, this isn’t even just a 2020 it’s like the way time is going and the way the energy is moving. It’s like that’s a 2014 okay, I got a 2014 Lexus right now.

I’m getting already traded in for a Tesla. That’s like me. Also, symbolically trading out my old belief system of how it works for money, focused on numbers, focused on money. Here’s what I’m learning about 2020 okay. I’m going to open up to you guys. All right. I started you two back in 2020 2020 but I started going daily in 2020 you probably heard me tell the story.

I told him many times, so what I did is I got here and my mom, what I did is I started making videos on YouTube, on the YouTubes, okay? I started making video onset YouTube and I started doing the zany videos and what eventually happened is the daily action. I take guts rewarded by growth.

I started getting more and more views, more and more people coming into my funnel, more and more people wanting to transform their lives. I started getting a lot of responses from people. People are like, Whoa, this changed my life. I feel so good, blah, blah, blah, and all these cool things…

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