#askjoltter Q&A – Why are you NOT a PRO? How to build a YouTube Channel?

To day, I’ll show you video #askjoltter Q&A – Why are you NOT a PRO? How to build a YouTube Channel?

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Today I’m answering questions about my favorite footballer, my dreams and goals in football, favorite cameras and video editing softwares, my opinion of the F2Freestylers and much more – and oh, I’m also announcing the adidas MiCoach SMART BALL winner! Enjoy!
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Sup ladies and peoples! Today my new Q&A video is finally online – and in this episode I lay it all on the table! Who is my favorite footballer, why am I not a professional football player, will I make some football skill tutorials in the future and lots of other questions will be answered today! I also take a little bit about my job at Unisport, how to build a great YouTube channel and what video editing software is the best for video editing – in other words, there are lots of things I go through in this Q&A episode!

Thanks to all of you for submitting your #askjoltter questions – should we make more Q&As in the future? Leave a comment and let me know!

Also, massive congratz for Zackwellsfootball for winning the adidas MiCoach SMART BALL!

This video was recorded with Sony A7s in 1080p/24fps together with Metabones Mark IV lens adapter and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM lens. Audio was recorded with Rode SmartLav Lavalier microphone. Editing was done by Joltter in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

YouTube channels mentioned in this video (in no specific order):

Timecodes for different questions:
01:33 Are you a professional football player?
04:31 Cristiano Ronaldo vs Lionel Messi?
04:35 What age did you start playing football?
04:45 What is your opinion about Zlatan Ibrahimovic?
05:01 Have you ever suffered a serious football injury?
05:58 Are you happy where you are now in your life?
06:33 Are you going to see this comment?
06:47 Can you speak Finnish?
07:23 What is the thing you most miss from Finland?
07:49 How to get better at talking to a camera in front of the public?
08:58 Who is your favorite football YouTuber?
09:27 What do you think about the F2Freestylers?
10:06 How to start a YouTube channel?
11:03 Can you make football skill tutorials in the future?
11:39 What made you come back to your channel and start posting again?
12:16 Can you do a football meet up?
12:38 Will you upload new videos to your second channel?
13:03 Can you do a Draw My Life video?
13:28 Why did you join Unisport?
13:51 What is your favorite camera for filming YouTube videos?
14:06 Can you make a video editing tutorial?
14:21 Which video editor is the best for video editing?

Music from Apollo Music –
00:00 – 01:22 The Juke by J. Impert & Pierre Elionick Toussaint
01:24 – 02:47 Mike Fright by Richard Vos
02:50 – 06:30 Bust Yo Rhymes by Kirk Khaleel
06:31 – 10:12 Back In Da Day by Matthew W Shack
10:13 – 13:04 Clockin by Charlie Jerome Smith
13:04 – 17:05 Mine The Gap by Dirk Brinkman


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