Who Is League of Legends' Most Balanced Champion?

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Today, let’s talk about the most balanced champion in league of legends of all time, certain champions like zilean anivia and kennen, as well as their league of legends history. From a champion who was known for being so broken, so overpowered, and so unfun to play against, that he was reworked, to now being one of their most successful reworks ever. This is a video covering the history of zilean, and the history of league of legends, and Season 10 League of Legends, Rise of the Elements League of Legends.
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Patch 10.1 Tier List, Season 10 Patch 10.1, Season 10 Patch 10.2, Patch 10.3, Patch 10.4, Patch 10.5, Patch 10.6, Patch 10.7, Patch 10.8

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Alistar Headbutt Trinity Force

Season 2 Kennen

What The League of Legends Beta Was Like

League of Legends Patch Video

FortunateFL MW2 Gameplay (If you like MW2 you should check out his channel, he stills plays and posts MW2 games in 2020 which is sweet)

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Patch 10.9 on the PBE on surrender at 20

►U.GG for Zilean Mid Lane Runes And Build on U.GG

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