Who are the Leaders of Parallel?

To day, I’ll show you video Who are the Leaders of Parallel?

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The leaders of Parallel:
Parallel Summit:

Parallel Doug:

Parallel Diana:

Parallel Cnnr:

People who featured in the video:
Parallel Ando:

Parallel EJ:

Parallel Flea:

Parallel Gage:

Parallel Rob:

Edited by Parallel Summit:

Thumbnail by Parallel Evan:

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Hey what’s up everyone welcome back to the Parallel channel! Today we’re showing and telling you all a bit about the leaders of Parallel! If you’ve ever wondered who leads Parallel, who is in Parallel, or wanted to know more about the leaders of Parallel, you can get all of that information here! Leave a like on the video if you enjoyed!

Parallel roster: Beats, stZ, Doug, Summit, Faria, Cnnr, Diana, Vo, Coleson, Rob, Flavors, Fallen, Cude, Octoh, Kai, Gage, Symz, Machi, DXTR, Andeh, Cali, Effzy, RiLey, Flea, EJ, Samzyy, Zizrow, Squeakz, Kehnys, Serk, Flyr, Joymz, Techy, Rel, Frapai, Tyvan, Spook, Gheez, Worthy, Psycho, Zoe, WavyJacob, Ando, Plalism

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