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Through the mists of time, across land, sky and sea come three men who are awesome. They wear many titles; warriors, legends, musicians, comedians. They are The Axis of Awesome. Subscribe For More:

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Through the mists of smoke and flame
Rides a man, a mighty lord
His foes fall in pain
Women cry his name
The gift of rock his reward

With a voice that can power lightbulbs
Wound a bear and shatter souls
He calms the hounds of Hades
All the single ladies
Put your hands up
Rock ‘n Roll

Under rock and craggy mountain
In the ancient hall he dwells
His piano shines with glory
He sings an ancient story
Of betrayal by the Elves

Wait, sorry. Ancient halls? Elves?
You’re making me a dwarf, aren’t you?

No, no. You are a mighty warrior

His six brothers, grim and beardy
They saw a maid, as white as snow
A magic mirror found her
Now she’s off, they flounder
Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work he goes

Ah, thanks. I’m a dwarf then, a Disney dwarf

Yes, yes! A mighty, mighty dwarf!

Man of earth and man of fire
Battle brothers to the core
Valor soaring ever higher
But we’re empty, lost without one more

Hello, my name is Lee
And I play the guitar
And I play the guitar!


And so we ride onwards to destiny
Our foes and enemies slain
Fighting fierce beasts, eating their meats
We ride!
And Awesome’s our name

Riding on a skeleton horse of fire!

Riding on a skeleton horse of fire!

What? No, I’m riding a skeleton horse of fire

Ya, you were meant to pick something different

Riding on a skeleton horse of… water!

What? A waterhorse?

You mean like a seahorse?

Well, at least I’m not riding on a chicken!

Who said I’m riding on a chicken?

Riding on a chicken!

But why do I have to ride a chicken?
You guys got to choose yours!
I want to ride a dragon!

And so we ride onwards to destiny
On horse, seahorse, and hen
Evil destroyed, homeless employed
We ride!
From now till the end

And in the misty halls of Asgard
Where the Gods watch over man
They tried to curse the Axis for our pride

But alas, we were too awesome
Their powers weak against our might
So we kicked them in the balls
And then they cried

And so we ride onwards to destiny
With swords and weapons and shit
Lightning will flash
Thunder will clash
We ride into infinity!

We fly and don’t need a plane
We’ll fill you with mirth
Till heaven and earth collide!
And Awesome’s our name

The Axis of Awesome are Lee Naimo, Benny Davis and Jordan Raskopoulos
Written and performed by the Axis of Awesome
Directed by Pablo Jorgez Mano di Stephano Inodoro
Guest Starring Jamie Fallon as “Benny”
Featuring Simon Kraegan, Lisa Ricketts, Leizel Igadna, Alan Eptune, Regan Antonio, Leizel Igadna, Kai Modelka, Ayla Stapleton, Andrea Krakovska, Dirk Schmitt, David Sander and Cameron James.

Actually Directed by Bryan Moses
Produced by Bryan Moses and Laura Hughes
Executive Producers Jordan Raskopoulos and Lee Naimo
Score by Benny Davis
Edited by Alex Gabbott
Camera Assistant Cameron James
Make Up by Leah Taylor
Costumes Designed by Pele Jansen

Production Coordinator Leah Appleby
Business Affairs Katherine Shortland
Production Accountant Bronwyn Speziale
Accounts Assist Carol Ramirez
Chief Financial Controller Simon Fraser
Director of Production Toni Malone
Managing Director Nick Murray

Funded through Skip Ahead, a joint initiative between Screen Australia and Google.

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