Draco Malfoy || A Boy Who Made All The Wrong Choices

To day, I’ll show you video Draco Malfoy || A Boy Who Made All The Wrong Choices

First things first:
Second things later:
Reasons because of that? Tom Felton, one of the most beautiful (inside and otuside) man in the world portrayed Draco Malfoy and could never be a better nor even perfect Draco as Tom was…

Yeah, so much Tom Felton/Draco videos lately? I’m gotta tell you, I hated Draco I really hated him, I wanted to punch him! (thank god Hermione did it, it made me feel like there was more people willing to do that XD) and I must say I hated him for YEARS… (mainly because Tom DOES know how to act)
But when I read the sixth book I was like: “Jesus Christ! forgive all my thoughts and hate that I had about you, YOU NEVER MEAN TO BE AND DO THAT T.T”
yeah I was like that, and since then…well…
I uhm…I err…
it’s kind of obvious isn’t it?
and the irony is that well, I’m nothing like a Slytherin at all, so don’t think that I’m one of those fans who loves Slytherin and death eaters, and that kind of side of fans that DO exist XD (although I have nothing against them, I love all HP fans!)
But is kind of irony because I’m the Gryffinpuff who hated Draco for years, so, moral of a fable: beware of what you say because it can be transformed in a feeling completely opposite to what came out of your mouth…
long moral O.o
(Update: Like the Gryffinpuff thing -.- it turns out I could be either Slyffindor or Slytherpuff…who would knew? :s )

Anyway, in the video I show how Draco has lost himself by being a death eater, he knows is wrong, he knows who his loyalty “has/must” lie on, he knows he doesn’t want to do it, but he must because his true loyalty lies with his mother (and harry, but will NEVER admit it) and wants to protect her, and…well his father as well. I also try to show how, being the chosen to kill Dumbledore himself is something he can’t just simply do, is destroying him inside. But he has no choice does he? how many times has someone actually given him choices?

Hope you enjoy it! I think the lyrics fits Draco…some parts of the lyrics better said…
hehe enjoy!

Song: Shattered
Artist: Trading Yesterday
Fandom: Harry Potter (1,2,6,7)
Character: Draco Malfoy
Portrayed by: Tom Felton

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