Where is Stephanie Hollingsworth? Search for Missing Florida Mom

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Searches continue for Stephanie Hollingsworth, a 50 year old yoga instructor, wife and mother of three young men from Belle Isle Florida. She has not been seen since September 25th

So here’s the backstory very quickly

Stephanie left her house on the 25th to run a few errands. She stopped at the bank of America and withdrew $20 and then she went to a Walmart, where it is said she bought a bottle of vodka. Notably, she brought her purse, but not her phone. Officials believe she headed south east from their towards the junction of state routes 417 and 528. But apart from that, no one knows where Stephanie Hollingsworth is, or went to, or what became of her.

The Hollingsworths live in Belle Isle on Monet Avenue. Belle Isle is described as giving its residents a rural feel in an Orlando suburb. It’s crime rates are well below national per capita averages and likewise, it’s standard of living is fairly high, with a median household income more than 50 percent above the national average. It is a good place to own a home, raise a family and yet, here we are.

Stephaine is described according to her missing persons poster as follows:

Five foot four, approximately 110 pounds, brown hair with highlights and brown eyes. Her birthday is less than two weeks from the day I am recording this video. She was last known to be driving her silver 2000 chevy tahoe. And just as a side note, there are several toll roads in the greater Orlando area. Including both state routes 417 and 528. If she drove on those roads, the sunpass toll cameras should have flagged her vehicle. Likewise on any of the other camera/transponder based toll roads in Florida would have spotted her.


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Belle Isle Police Department (407) 240-2473
Texas EquuSearch (281) 309-9500

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