Where Do You Find Good Salespeople?

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We get this question a lot from our audience: “where do I find good salespeople?” I’ll tell you where NOT to find them. You don’t find good salespeople by going in the ClickFunnels FB group (or any other group, for that matter) and posting, “Hey, I need a salesperson.) Here’s why:

Any sales rep who needs a job…IS NOT A GOOD SALES REP. Interviewing, or going through the process of getting a job, is just the process of selling yourself. If someone’s calling themselves a sales rep and they’re unemployed, there’s an inconsistency there.

What we want to do, is find good sales reps who already have jobs BUT there’s something about the job they don’t like. Once we’ve identified these people, we reach out to them with an attractive offer they’ll consider. Maybe they won’t take it right away, but they’ll at least consider it or be open to having a conversation about it.

Once we’ve got them considering the offer, we work our own sales process. And we lead them to a place where they’re ready to come over and sell your offer instead. So you can finally get off the phones once and for all, and take your company to the next level.

One thing you need to keep in mind is you’re not Xerox. You can’t take a kid right out of college and teach them how to sell. Most small business owners need someone who already knows how to sell so that they can hit the ground running.

It’s a lot like real estate investing. If you want to find a deal, you don’t look for homes that are on the MLS. You look for an owner who’s considering selling but hasn’t quite listed the home yet. When you find a person in that position and they have a motivation or a reason to sell, that’s when you get a good deal.

It’s no different with hiring sales reps. If you want to find a good sales rep, you don’t look at Indeed. That’s just not where they are. Indeed typically has low-talent people that are out of a job or need one.

We don’t want to find someone on the open market because usually, they’re not that good. We want someone who’s not on the market but they’re open to change and have the motivation.

That’s why we do so much marketing to attract the level of sales talent we’re able to attract.

Entrepreneurs: if you want to attract the best salespeople, you need to build a recruiting pipeline and a system. OR if you’re not able to build one yourself, you need to hire someone who has a system in place to be able to place sales reps for you.

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