What to Do When You See a Suspicious Stranger

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Say you’re walking home after having dinner with friends. It’s dark, but you don’t live too far away from the restaurant. Soon, though, you get that creepy feeling that someone is watching you. You see a dark figure walking toward you from an alley. What should you do?

First of all, stay calm. It’ll be hard, but don’t let the stranger know that you’ve caught on to them or that you’re nervous. Second of all, stay aware of the stranger and your surroundings but do something that will let you collect your thoughts. And, of course, guys you should definitely know when and how to use your phone!

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Stay Calm 0:22
Pay Attention 0:46
Look like you’re walking with a purpose 1:11
Don’t Text! ❌ 1:44
Don’t keep looking over your shoulder 2:20
Be Prepared to Fight 👊 2:40
Know when and how to use your phone 3:10
Get to a public place 3:37
Take different routes 4:08
Never hesitate to call the police 4:34
❗️ Basic safety measures ❗️ 5:17

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– If you can get a good look at the stranger, get enough details that you can commit to memory in case you have to give someone, or the police, a description later.
– Even if your nerves overcome you and you take a couple of wrong turns, try not to look lost.
– If you’re texting, your head is down, and you may not even see a suspicious stranger that’s there in the first place.
– It would be tempting, but if you keep glancing behind you, it will let the stranger know that you’re onto them, and this may cause them to attack.
– If the stranger decides to come at you, you’ll need to defend yourself. One option is to hold your keys in your pocket with the end of one key’s “teeth” sticking out between your middle and ring finger.
– If you’re walking home and know you’re being followed by a shady character, take out your phone and call a friend or family member.
– Get to a coffee shop, restaurant, or a store as soon as you can. If it’s late at night, don’t worry—there are some grocery stores, pharmacies, and gas stations that are open 24 hours a day.
– If you feel like the same shady stranger is making a, um, habit of following you, try taking alternate routes to and from places. This goes for driving and if you’re on foot.
– If the stranger is just too close for comfort, or especially if you’re being repeatedly followed like I mentioned earlier, call whatever the emergency number is where you live.
– If you’re walking home, try to take the most public, well-lit route that you can.
– If you’re driving, park under a street light or the most well-lit part of the parking lot.
– Even if home, or the next destination, is a short distance away, don’t make the walk by yourself. Ask a friend, or group of friends, to walk with you, especially after dark.
– If a stranger stops you on the street and asks for directions, money, or wants to sell you something, be wary. Keep a good distance between the two of you.
– Especially after dark, you don’t want to be standing at your car door fumbling for your keys. This could make you an easy target.
– A good pop to the throat or solar plexus—that place right under the center of the rib cage—will knock the wind out of someone. The nose and eyes are the most sensitive parts of the face.

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