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Directed by Sammy Paul & TimH
Written by TimH, Paul Neafcy ( & Sammy Paul (
Created by TimH

Choreographers & Dancers
Deepraj Singh
Liam Wallace
Lily Huntbach
Beth Clancy
Alice Flegg

Director of Photography Ciaran O’Brien (
1st Assistant Camera – George Shankster (
2nd Assistant Camera & Boom Pole Operator – Elliot Gough (
3rd Assistant Camera – Matt Amys (

Tom Webster (
Bertie Gilbert (
Elliot Gough (
Tom Barnes (
Louise Pentland (
Lucy Evenden (
Benjamin Cook (
Charlie McDonnell (
Tom Ridgewell (
Jack Howard (
Jamie Christopherson (
Evan Edinger (
Anna Etches (
Erin Sullivan (
Silvija Vil (
Tomek Jasinski (
Cherry Wallis (
Doug Armstrong (
Maddy Moate (
Rebecca Need Manear (
Dodie Clark (
Claire Herbert (
Liam Dryden (
Daniel J. Layton (
Chloe Dungate (
Charlie Edge (
Chris Kendall (
Sammy Paul (
Paul Neafcy (
George Shankster (
Laura Bubble (
Russ Monkeywithagun (
Rebecca Brown (
Rob Cosh (
Fiona Morgan (
Hazel Hayes (
Hedy Clark (

Sound by Dan Pugsley (
Music by Tom Barnes (
Colour Grade by Ciaran O’Brien (
VFX by Andrew McMurry (
Animation by Scott Coello (
Edited by TimH
Assistant Editor – Jack Howard (

Produced by TimH
Co-Produced by Sammy Paul (

Art Department Credits:
Set Designer – Felix Coles
Art Director – Luis San Martin
Set Dressers – Asia Culcz & Alex Smith
Set Builders – Tom Watson & Blair Zane
Scenic Painters – James Harris & Katie McGrgor

Song Credits:
Musical Direction, Arrangements & Track Production by Tom Barnes
Lyrics by TimH, Paul Neafcy and Sammy Paul
Guitar Recording by Matt Allen
Harmonies by Sammy Paul, Paul Neafcy, Daniel J. Layton, Dodie Clark, Rebecca-Need Manear, George Shankster
Vocals by TimH & Tom Webster
Special Thanks to Jonti Picking (

Final Sequence Supporting Cast
Kinza Ciesay
Huw James
Kira Owen
Rosamund Liebeskind
Isabella Routley
Rachel Crane
Emily McBride
Avalon Maryk
Claire Jarvis
Philip Klepacki-Brayne
Maria Chereponova
Camila Diaz
Robert Simpson
Bianca Dubois
Lisa Holliday
Unai Martinez Barredo
Jumanna Khanom
Hao-Jing Peng
Summer Manning
Caspian Cunningham
Rachel Eben
Jawan Collier

Special Thanks
Marc Joynes
Anika Chiaventone
Sam Smith
Michael Dean (
Lawrence Kao
Jon D.Barker (

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