Windows 10 Sun Valley: Everything about the brand new version of Windows 10 that Microsoft is cherishing

Windows 10 Sun Valley: Everything about the brand new version of Windows 10 that Microsoft is cherishing

Besides Windows 10 21H1 with general bug fixes and improvements, Microsoft is also incubating a version of Windows 10 code-named Sun Valley (21H2) with a series of notable improvements. Leaked internal documents show that Windows 10 Sun Valley will have comprehensive improvements to the look and feel of Windows 10.

Expected, Windows 10 Sun Valley will be launched in the second half of this year. Here’s everything we know about this edition of Windows 10.

New user interface and animations

The interface of Windows 10 Sun Valley will be built on Fluent Design, not completely removed this design language. Besides, Microsoft will also integrate WinUI, a new layer of user interface that contains modern controls and styles.

New look and animations on Windows 10 Sun Valley

With the combination of WinUI and Fluent Design, Microsoft will activate the same rounded corners as Windows 7, transparent backgrounds, support for advanced animations, motion, lighting …

Design improvements

With Sun Valley, Microsoft plans to improve and replace features and areas with interfaces inherited from previous versions. For example, Microsoft may update existing File Explorer with additional enhancements such as a dark background mode for pop-up menus (property tabs).

On GitHub, Microsoft has also confirmed that they are looking at new ideas for application elements such as ListView, buttons, sliders etc.

Below, we can see the design patterns that Microsoft plans to use to refresh the Windows 10 UI.

According to Microsoft, the new UI controls will “align with other platforms while looking familiar on Windows”.

Windows 10 Sun Valley will enter the RTM (sent to computer manufacturers) stage in June 2021, but the update for users will not be released before October 2021. Naturally, these improvements will also be updated to Windows 10X, the modular version of Windows for Chromebook-like devices.

We will continue to update if new information about Windows 10 Sun Valley is available for you to follow!