What is CandyOpen? How to remove CandyOpen from a Windows 10 device

What is CandyOpen? How to remove CandyOpen from a Windows 10 device

CandyOpen, developed by SweetLabs, is a piece of software that is designed to come with an installer of another program, so that it can be secretly installed onto the computers of the users of the installer it comes with. . CandyOpen includes a Microsoft Windows library, which makes it easy to integrate into Windows installers.

In this article, Quantrimang.com will describe briefly CandyOpen and how you can remove it from the device successfully its Windows 10.

What is CandyOpen?

CandyOpen is classified as Potentially Unwanted App (PUA) by most antivirus and system protection programs. Technically, CandyOpen is not a virus or malware. However, it has rootkit capabilities that allow it to be installed and is located deep below the surface of a computer’s operating system.

CandyOpen is generally classified as a Potentially Unwanted App (PUA).

Once installed on the user’s computer, CandyOpen can do the following:

  • Change infected user’s browser homepage and fake their options / settings.
  • Change desktop background.
  • Change the default search provider.
  • Show unwanted ads.
  • Install and insert unwanted / unknown browser toolbars and browser plug-ins / extensions / add-ons.
  • Tracks, records profiles, and reports Internet browsing activities of infected users.
  • Add files run at startup
  • Boot configuration data modification
  • Modify file associations
  • Insert other processes on the system
  • Add a local proxy
  • Modify system DNS settings
  • Stop Windows Update
  • Turn off User Access Control (UAC)

In general, CandyOpen negatively impacts the overall PC user experience.

How to remove CandyOpen from Windows 10

If your Windows 10 computer has been infected with CandyOpen, you can try the 4-step removal procedure in the order outlined below.

1. Uninstall CandyOpen and all other SweetLabs programs

The first step of the PUA / PUP removal process requires you to uninstall CandyOpen and all other SweetLabs programs through the Programs and Features applet (appwiz.cpl).

If you find that CandyOpen or any other SweetLabs program is not listed in the Programs and Features application , simply skip to step 2 below.

2. Remove all CandyOpen adware using AdwCleaner

The second step of the PUA / PUP removal process requires you to download, install and use AdwCleaner to remove all CandyOpen adware.

After you have to complete this task, continue with step 3 below.

3. Removed CandyOpen browser hijacker

This third step of PUA / PUP removal process requires you to download, install and use any browser hijacker removal tool to remove CandyOpen browser hijacker.

Once done, continue with step 4 below.

4. Run a Windows Defender Offline scan to remove any remaining malicious registry entries

Run Windows Defender Offline scan

The fourth and final step of the PUA / PUP removal process is to ensure that all CandyOpen registry entries / files and dependencies are completely removed from the PC. To do this, we recommend that you run a Windows Defender Offline scan.

After completing this 4-step deletion process, your Windows 10 computer will be cleared of all traces related to CandyOpen. To be even more certain, run a full antivirus scan using your favorite security software to make sure nothing related to CandyOpen or SweetLabs shows up during the scan.

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