This new Windows 10 tool will allow you to manage taskbar shortcuts extremely quickly and neatly

This new Windows 10 tool will allow you to manage taskbar shortcuts extremely quickly and neatly

TaskbarGroups are a very useful new open source tool that can help you to rearrange and manage the shortcuts on your Windows 10 taskbar quickly and effectively.

In simple words, TaskbarGroups will allow you to arbitrarily group the shortcuts on the taskbar, thereby helping you get a neat and tidy Windows 10 desktop area. You can create different groups of shortcuts, for example, by theme or purpose, and pin them on your taskbar for convenience.

The way TaskbarGroups work is generally quite simple. But to use it, you first need to download this open source tool from the GitHub page HERE, or you can choose to download the executable version if you do not want to compile the program yourself at THIS link.

Once you’ve downloaded and extracted the ZIP file, you’ll need to find the application’s executable in the unzipped content folder. Run that executable to install TaskbarGroups on your Windows 10 PC.

At launch, TaskbarGroups will list all the available shortcuts on the taskbar, and allow you to create new groups, as shown below.

Existing shortcuts

Using TaskbarGroups is very simple. All you need to do is click on the option “add taskbar group” and then select the executables and shortcuts you want to add to a specific group. In addition, you also need to set a title and icon for this group of shortcuts.

Create a new shortcut group

Once the group has been saved, you can right-click on the group to open the shortcut folder. Then, right-click on the desired TaskbarGroups shortcut and pin it to the taskbar, as described below.

Pin groups to the taskbar

Pinned shortcut groups will appear on the taskbar as the avatar you selected when creating. You can click these icons to open the group, as shown below.

The shortcut group has been completely initialized

That’s all there is to do with TaskbarGroups!