This Fluent Design icon repository can make Windows 10 look truly modern

This Fluent Design icon repository can make Windows 10 look truly modern

Fluent Design is considered a big bet from Microsoft on the future of Windows 10 and a number of other bundled platforms. The Redmond company considers this new design language the main investment focus for its products in the future, with ideas towards modernity and constant innovation.

But on the other hand, the implementation of Fluent Design in Windows 10 in particular and other products in general is consuming more time and resources than expected. It was also the delay that opened up creative opportunities for “hard fans” of Microsoft.

Recently, a reddit forum member shared a huge collection of Fluent Design-style application icons for Windows 10, including those designed by users themselves. Together, they give Windows 10 a truly modern look.

Application logo harmony is an extremely important part of the UI success on any operating system platform. In particular, consistency is the core factor to ensure that users can manipulate, interact and experience the most effectively with the operating system. These “fan-made” icons have somewhat complied with the above requirements with Fluent Design-style effects such as floating shapes, soft curved corners, for a more modern and comfortable feel. at first sight. These characteristics can be clearly seen in folder icon design, Adobe software, Notepad, Office, PowerToys, Visual Studio, and other general applications in Windows 10.

While waiting for Microsoft to finalize the changes to Fluent Design in Windows 10, the above creations could be a good source of ideas to help the company refine its design in the right direction. user tastes more.

Design style “Fluent Design” was first introduced by Microsoft in 2017, with a bold modern philosophy, made up of a harmonious combination of 5 main elements: Light effect, depth effect , movement, materials and ratio.

The new Fluent Design-style logos will completely replace the tough, old style that Microsoft has been using for years and open up a new future for a more interactive user experience.

Download “fan-made” Windows 10 logo collection above at:

Download the DLL file: