Screenshot app Snipping Tool is about to be removed on Windows 10 soon

Screenshot app Snipping Tool is about to be removed on Windows 10 soon

If you use Windows regularly, you are no stranger to the Snipping Tool. This is a Windows application that allows users to quickly create and edit screenshots. This application is developed by Microsoft, and is the default tool available on all modern Windows operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. It means it cannot be uninstalled. from the system.

However, as Windows 10 becomes more and more developed and becomes more modern, certain features will be removed or become the option to “streamline” the system. Back in 2018, Microsoft confirmed that the Snipping Tool would stop working, and a new application with the same functionality called “Snip & Sketch” would become the platform’s default screen capture tool.

Snipping Tool is replaced with Snip & Sketch

However, on the current update of Windows 10 October 2020 Update, the old Snipping Tool is still pre-installed and cannot be removed, making Windows 10 at the same time own 2 applications with identical functions, wasting system resources.

This will soon change in the upcoming preview update, when Microsoft will officially make the Snipping Tool “an optional feature” of Windows 10, meaning users can completely uninstall it if they want.

This can be done through the Settings app, or by navigating directly to the Optional Features page, as described in the screenshot below.

The tools listed in Optional Features can all be removed

Once the Snipping Tool is uninstalled, it will disappear completely from Windows. You will also no longer see the tool displayed in Windows search results or on the Start Menu. At the same time, Windows 10 won’t prompt you to reinstall the Snipping Tool, but will recommend using the Snip & Sketch app instead.

The Snipping Tool was first introduced with Windows Vista, and it used to be one of the most advanced features in Windows 7. Basically, this tool allows you to take a picture of your entire screen or specific areas. can quickly.

Snip & Sketch is an alternative to the Snipping Tool, and is based on Microsoft’s UWP principles. With the Snip & Sketch application, you can also take screenshots of open windows, the entire screen, rectangular and free-form areas.

By allowing users to remove old tools like the Snipping Tool, Microsoft is also making it easier to install third-party alternative tools on Windows 10.

Besides the Snipping Tool, there have been many famous Windows default apps in the past that have become optional apps. These include Connect (Screencasting tool), Paint, WordPad and Notepad … All have become options starting with the Windows 10 May 2020 Update.