Please download the magical Bending Light theme for Windows 10

Please download the magical Bending Light theme for Windows 10

If you find your Windows 10 interface quite boring then changing the theme is a solution that you can try. Let’s introduce to you a pretty beautiful theme called Bending Light.

This theme set is being offered for free on the Microsoft Store. It consists of 18 high definition photos with the subject of light going through a prism and coming out in a rainbow color. This will be a theme suitable for those who love physics or like magical light images.

To install Bending Light, follow these steps:

  • Download the Bending Light theme set
  • Once the download is completed, you will receive a notification from the Microsoft Store
  • Click the message and then press Apply
  • If the picture changes too quickly, you can adjust the timing accordingly

The advantage of this theme set is extremely high image quality, pretty fanciful image. Its downside is the visual effect is a bit confusing, not suitable for those who like simplicity.

The Bending Light theme combines with Rainmeter skins

If you like to customize Windows more, you can refer to two other themes that make tech easier. These two themes need to be installed using Rainmeter software and can be combined well with the Windows 10 theme. If interested, please visit the following articles:

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We will continue to update more interesting themes for Windows 10. Wish you success and invite you to follow more great tips on MakeTake: