Install animated screen, live wallpaper on Windows

Install animated screen, live wallpaper on Windows

In Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system, DreamScene has allowed to set up a dynamic background for the computer, but up to 8 years later, on Windows 10, it is still unavailable.

Why does this customization represent a step backwards from the past over the years, and what do we do about it?

The advantages and disadvantages of animated screens and live wallpapers

If you are using the animated screen for a few other devices (like a smart TV, Android phone or tablet) and realize that they make the display more interesting. Instead of bland, tasteless shots you can never reach, your smartphone will deliver more vivid images like slow motion or swimming fish …

However, some people believe that these backdrops are not practical but only eye-catching.

Live wallpapers are great, but they do cause some problems for some devices. Except for devices that require direct power, live wallpapers are making those who love them worry about the battery performance of their mobile phones.

Battery-powered devices such as laptops or tablets may find that animations in Windows 10 are power drain, affecting performance degradation and battery life. But before we worry about that, let’s see how an animated wallpaper can be set in versions of Windows higher than Vista.

Animated screen on Windows

Personalization options in new generations of Windows – after Windows 7 there is a big step forward. Sure, you can set the wallpapers to sync with your Microsoft account, bring out the familiar desktop from the computer to the other devices where the account is logged in, and also resize and arrange. background, but the options on the screen are greatly reduced.

You already know how to restore Vista / 7 Aero theme in Windows 8 and 10, also recover sidebar and gadget. Although DreamScene only supports Windows Vista available to add animated wallpapers to the desktop, there is another feature in Windows 10 that can do this.

For Windows XP users, if you haven’t upgraded yet (you really need to!), You can still add wallpapers and screensavers using DreamScene XP.

Restore animated wallpapers on Windows 7

The first option is to restore the previous Windows 7 live wallpaper system.

First, choose DreamScene Activator from Windows Club and extract the content (unzip). In the Windows 7 DreamScene Activator 1.1 folder, you will see the DreamScene Activator.chn file

In Windows Explorer , open File > Options > View, then find and uncheck the checkbox of the Hide extensions for known file types option . Click OK to confirm and next, back in the Explorer window, right click on DreamScene Activator.chn and change ” chn ” to ” exe “, so the filename will now be DreamScene Activator.exe .

Double click the file to activate it, then select Enable DreamScene . From there, you can use WMV or MPG video as your desktop by right-clicking and choosing Set as Desktop Background .

Stardock DeskScapes for Windows 7 and 8

Stardock DeskScapes is underrated DreamScene but is another cool option for Windows 7 users, and it’ll cost you $ 9.99 to try out the app for 30 days.

Download and install the trial version of Stardock DeckScapes. Once installed choose your preferred custom (30-day trial run possible) and enter your email address to continue. Several email priority options will be provided. Note, it’s best to uncheck both checkboxes before clicking Submit.

When it’s done, go back to the app and select Proceed to start using the trial. Here, you will see video backgrounds and a few other animations. To begin, select the desired shape, and adjust the profile to set them as wallpaper. More live wallpapers can be downloaded from Stardock’s website.

Set animated wallpapers for Windows 10

Method 1: Use RainWallpaper to create an animated wallpaper

By default the computer system will only allow the user to set the desktop background with still images. However, some people want to refresh the look of the computer, use animations or even videos as a desktop wallpaper.

RainWallpaper is a tool to install animations for Windows computers, accompanied by many different editing options. We can choose from 3D, 2D, animated images, and video images on websites to set as live wallpapers on the computer. Besides, the tool also brings unique on-screen mouse effects.

To be able to use RainWallpaper, the computer must be Windows 7 or higher. With Windows 7, the Aero effect must be enabled. Minimum 1 GB RAM, HD Graphic 4000 graphics card or higher. The live wallpaper will stop when playing games to preserve system resources, or when opening apps full screen. Usable on 16: 9, 21: 9, 16:10, 4: 3 aspect ratios. Supports video formats mp4, webm, avi, m4v, mov, wmv.

Step 1:

Users access the link below to download RainWallpaper to your computer. There will be 2 versions that are installed and do not need to be installed to use.


Step 2:

Click the exe file to install the tool on your computer. Once installed, the computer will be immediately applied random live wallpaper.

Step 3:

RainWallpaper’s interface will be as shown below. In the leftmost horizontal bar, you will see two main icons, including Discover and Me.

Discover will now display the interface with the theme from the developer DeviantArt. In this interface, the user can immediately click on the desired theme or search by topics such as Landsacpe, Animi, Game, …

Step 4:

Select the wallpaper you like and then click on it to see the Download button located on the right side of the interface.

Step 5:

Then click the Me icon in the left corner of the interface to see all available wallpapers and backgrounds that you are in the process of downloading. Which wallpaper is larger, the download will be relatively long.

To use the downloaded theme or any theme just click on the theme.

Step 6:

Also, when right-clicking on the theme we will see a list of options. For example, with Force load will speed up the motion effects on the background image.

Clicking Open folder will open the folder containing the theme. In this section, you also have a still image of the background image, a video preview of how the wallpaper moves before you want to apply it on your computer. Still images taken from animated wallpapers have large size, beautiful image quality.

Step 7:

If you do not want to save the background image in the Me section, right-click and choose Delete.

Step 8:

Next, right-click the RainWallpaper icon in the Taskbar and select Settings .

By default the tool will be started with Windows, and if you want to turn it off then click on Auto run when computer starts and switch to Off . Click Apply below to save your changes.

Step 9:

In addition, when right-clicking the widget icon, there will be an additional Mute option to enable or disable the sound with background sounds. Pause button to pause background movement.

When you press Exit, the animated wallpaper will disappear and return to the previous desktop wallpaper.

Add a way to refresh the look of wallpapers on the computer with the RainWallpaper tool. The live wallpaper warehouse is taken from the video so we can easily stop the movement, the background sound will play. However, for computers with weak configurations, you should choose low-capacity wallpapers.

Method 2: Use Video Wallpaper tool

Instead of DreamScene option you can also use Video Wallpaper . Downloading Video Wallpaper from the homepage will receive a ZIP file so need to unzip the file before launching it.

And this is not a free tool (Register> Get full version, it will cost you 19.95 USD to get the full version) but we will be using a free trial to evaluate the software.

Once the installation is done, click the option to run the application, and in your browser the link will be click the Download Video Wallpaper button and download one or more. two desired wallpapers. They are WMV files, so you can enjoy creating your own wallpaper.

Once downloaded, go back to the Video Wallpaper app and click the + icon to add the downloaded video to the app. If you save everything in a separate folder, click the Add videos from folder to playlist button . Video Wallpaper will start to “play” the first video wallpaper. Here you can enable / disable shuffle mode of added wallpapers or just open one image, add lag, and have blend mode.

If you really like the app, use the Lauch option in the Windows startup options and if you have any questions about the battery’s impact, you should check Sleep mode on battery power.

Method 3: Use Wallpaper Engine

Once you have downloaded and installed Wallpaper Engine, open the app and you will be taken to the home screen. From here, you can do whatever you want with just one or two clicks.

The main screen of Wallpaper Engine

The large grid in the middle of the screen contains all the wallpapers, and you can switch wallpapers by clicking an option.

– At the bottom of the screen are playlist controls. Just click on the checkbox at the top left of every wallpaper you want to add to the playlist.

To configure playlists, just click the Configure button at the bottom of the screen.

– After you select the wallpaper, the properties of that wallpaper will appear on the right side of the screen. From here, you can configure individual wallpapers.

To find wallpapers beyond the built-in defaults, you’ll have to go to Workshop , which can be accessed by clicking on the Workshop tab at the top left of the screen.

In the Workshop tab, you can search for any wallpaper you want

In the Workshop tab, you can search for any wallpaper you want and filter the wallpapers by resolution, rating, aspect ratio, wallpaper type, etc. To download the wallpaper, just click wallpaper and hit the red Subscribe button on the right side of the screen and the wallpaper will begin downloading.

As you can see, setting up animated wallpapers in Windows is very easy with Wallpaper Engine. Alternatively, you can use these wallpaper changer apps to change your wallpaper everyday. You can also add awesome screensavers to get a better picture on your screen.

Do you really need Video Wallpaper in Windows?

These tools seem very interesting, but some people find that they do not have many practical uses but only for computer decoration. Maybe using an auto-wallpaper upgrade like DesktopEarth is a better choice?

Meanwhile, if you are struggling with the thought of using a paid app to upgrade a feature already in Windows, there are other options available like VLC, and Desktop Movie.