How to view and edit Apple Notes on Windows 10

How to view and edit Apple Notes on Windows 10

Obviously, there are no native apps that support access to Apple Notes above 10. However, there are a few ways you can still read and edit iPhone, iPad and Mac notes on a computer running the operating system. Windows. Let’s find out right now.

Use the iCloud website to access Apple Notes

The iCloud website allows you to access a variety of Apple services on devices without the Apple logo, including Notes. On a Windows 10 PC, you just need to use a regular web browser and go to this website to get access to all the notes saved on your iPhone, iPad, and macOS devices.

First, make sure the notes on your Apple devices are synced with iCloud.

On your iPhone or iPad, navigate to Settings> [Your Name]> iCloud and turn on the switch next to “ Notes ”.

On macOS, click the Apple icon in the top left corner of the screen, click “ System Preferences ”, select “ iCloud ” and check the box to the left of the “ Notes ” section.

Your notes are now synced to iCloud. You can access them from your Windows PC by launching a browser, navigating to the iCloud website and signing in to the respective account.

Click “ Notes ” on the iCloud website and you’ll see all your synced iOS and macOS notes fully displayed on the screen.

You can view and edit all of these notes, or even create new notes if you want.

Create a Progressive Web App (PWA) app to view Apple notes on Windows 10

Alternatively, you could create a PWA app to display all of your Apple notes in a dedicated app-like interface.

You can use both Microsoft Edge as well as Google Chrome to create PWA apps for Apple Notes. Let’s take an example with Chrome:

First, open Chrome on your Windows 10 PC, then click the vertical three-dot icon in the top-right corner of the screen and choose More Tools> Create Shortcut .

Check the box ” Open as window ” and then click ” Create “. You can change the application name if you want.

You will now see the shortcut of this PWA application initialized on the desktop. Similar to other regular applications, you can also search for the PWA application in the “ Start ” menu.

Clicking this app opens Apple Notes as if you had the actual Notes app installed on your Windows 10 PC. It gives you the pure native app feel and look.

Since this is a standard Windows application, you can also uninstall it if you no longer need it. Do this by navigating to Control Panel> Uninstall a program , selecting the application in the list and clicking on the option ” Uninstall ”.

Use Gmail to view Apple Notes on Windows 10

As a final method, you can fully integrate Gmail with Apple Notes and see all your iOS and macOS notes on your Windows 10 PC.

Here are a few things you should know before you proceed:

  • You can’t import your existing notes into Gmail. Only notes you create after doing this process will appear in your Gmail account.
  • Gmail doesn’t let you edit notes, you can only view them. Your notes can only be edited on Apple devices.

Let’s start by navigating to Settings> Passwords & Accounts> Gmail and turn on the “ Notes ” switch on your iOS device.

If you’re running iOS 14 or later, you need to go to Settings> Contacts> Accounts> Gmail and turn on the ‘ Notes ‘ switch.

Immediately, Gmail will create a new folder called ” Gmail ” in the Notes app on your iOS device. Any note you create in this ” Gmail ” section is accessible from your Gmail account.

To view these notes in Gmail, open the Gmail website and click the “ Notes ” section on the left. You should see all the notes you created in the “ Gmail ” section from the Notes app on your Apple device.