How to use Spotify in PC game on Windows 10

How to use Spotify in PC game on Windows 10

Windows 10 includes a tool called Game Bar, and it has some cool features you might not have known about. You can control Spotify while playing games without having to switch out of full screen mode. This feature is super handy.

Without the Game Bar, controlling Spotify while playing a game can be uncomfortable, as you’re probably playing the game in full-screen mode. If at any time you want to adjust playback, you just have to press Alt + Tab to do it.

The Game Bar includes a Spotify widget that floats on the game whenever you need it.

What you need

The Widget Menu has been added to the Game Bar in the Windows 10 May 2019 Update. Your device must be running that version or higher, if you want to use the Game Bar.

You must also install the Spotify app for Windows. If you haven’t already, Game Bar will ask you to install it when you turn on the Spotify widget.

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How to use Spotify in Windows 10 Game Bar

First, press Win + G to launch the Game Bar. Alternatively, you can click “Xbox Game Bar” in the Start menu.

Click “Xbox Game Bar”

In the Game Bar toolbar, click the Widget menu icon .

Click the Widget menu icon

A drop-down list will appear. Click on Spotify.

Click on Spotify

A Spotify pop-up will appear. Enter your account information, then click Log In .

Sign in to your account

Click Agree to let the Game Bar control Spotify and access your account.

You should now see a floating Spotify player whenever you open the Game Bar overlay. It features playback controls and device options, as well as “Recently Played” play history expandable.

“Recently Played” history is expandable

You can reopen the Widget menu, then click the star next to “Spotify” to add a shortcut to the Game Bar toolbar.

Click the star next to “Spotify”

It’s done! Now, whenever you’re playing a game in full-screen mode and want to tune Spotify playback, just press Win + G to open the controls.

Tip : You can also click the pin icon and Spotify’s “Now Playing” window will always appear at the top of the game or your screen.