How to use SharpKeys in Windows 10 to remap a keyboard

How to use SharpKeys in Windows 10 to remap a keyboard

To rearrange keys in Windows 10, you should use SharpKeys, a free and easy-to-use app. As an open source application, SharpKeys received the current updated version and version is V3.9. Once downloaded and installed, follow the guide to know how to use Sharpkeys for Windows 10 effectively and reverse the changes made as needed.

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About SharpKeys application for Windows 10

The first screen of the Sharpkeys application is shown below. There are a total of 8 buttons that perform different functions and assist users to remap the keyboard on Windows 10.

The first screen of the Sharpkeys application
  • Add: Add a new set of keys to be remapped.
  • Edit: Edit the mapped key to another key.
  • Delete: Deletes a command provided to remap the key.
  • Delete All: Delete all commands at once.
  • Write to Registry : After you have added a command to remap keys, you need to press this button for the changes to take effect.
  • Close: Exit the software.
  • Save Keys: After remapping some keys on the keyboard, you can save a list of changes made for future reference.
  • Load Keys: Reload the saved list of previously mapped keys.

How to reassign keyboard keys with Sharpkey?

Remapping the keys on the keyboard is simple, as long as you know how. Follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the Sharpkeys application .

Step 2: Click the Add button . Another window with two lists will open.

Step 3: The first list or the list on the left side is a list of keys you want to rearrange or reassign.

Step 4: The second list or the list on the right hand side is the list of results you want when pressing the selected key in the first list.

For example, if you want letter A on your keyboard to type B , select letter A in first list and letter B in second list.

A window with two lists will open

Step 5: You can either select the remapped keys using the scroll bar provided to the right of each listing, or click the Type Key button .

Step 6: This step will continue to open a small window allowing the user to select the key from the keyboard by pressing it once. This saves time and effort when scrolling down the list of all more than 100 keys.

A small window allowing the user to select the key from the keyboard by pressing it opens

Step 7: Click OK to close the small window. After you have selected values for both lists, click OK on the list window.

Step 8: You will return to the first screen. The changes you want will be listed in blank spaces. These changes are only temporarily recorded, but the actual changes will be made after you press the Write to Registry button.

Step 9 : You will get a message that the key value change has been saved in the Registry, but you will only see the effect after you reboot.

The message prompts that logout or restart will apply changes

Note: The message prompting that logout or restart will apply changes. However, I tried logging out first because it was easier and less time-consuming than restarting, but it didn’t help. Only after the reboot does the mapping succeed.

Step 10 : Restart the computer.

Options to remap keyboard with Sharpkeys in Windows 10

SharpKeys allows users to remap existing keys on the keyboard to whatever other they want. In addition to the main display functions, it also provides some hidden but useful functions such as:

Turn Off Key : This feature will remove all functions of a key and it just acts as a dummy key, will produce no results when pressed.

App Keys : Allows the user to program any key on the keyboard to open and display an application. Current applications that can be opened are Calculator, Mail, My Computer and Messenger.

Options to remap keyboard with Sharpkeys in Windows 10

F-Lock Keys : This feature set provides writing options such as Open (open), Save (save), Print (print), Spell (spell), Redo / Undo ( redo / undo ) and many other options.

Special Keys : Provides Sleep and Wake options with the push of a button on the keyboard.

Web Keys : Works when you are browsing or surfing the web online. All functions will work in a browser like Home Page and Refresh .

Media Buttons : These buttons will only work if the media player is active and running on your computer. You can mute the sound just by pressing a key on the keyboard.

Which keys can be remapped using Sharpkeys

You can edit all over 100 keys on your keyboard

You can re-edit all over 100 keys on your keyboard, including multimedia keys, i.e. if your keyboard has additional buttons like Play, Stop, Next , etc.

How to restore keys to default using Sharpkeys?

Another important feature of SharpKeys is that it displays all of the remapped keys on your computer. If you want to reverse the changes or restore all major functions to defaults, press the Delete All button and you will get a prompt as shown below:

A prompt appears when restoring all keys to default

Click the Write to Registry button to update the registry and the keyboard will be restored to its original setting after reboot.

Note : Use this method to delete the key you want to recover, and after you write it to the registry, restart your computer. Don’t use the method of de-mapping individual keys.

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