How to use Quick Assist to control a computer remotely

How to use Quick Assist to control a computer remotely

To access remote computers, support remote computers, we need to use software to control remote computers such as Teamviewer, Ultraview. However, if you use Windows 10, just use the Quick Assist app, which also has the ability to access and control the computer remotely.

Since Quick Assist is available in all versions of Windows 10, it is simpler to use than other software, you don’t need to install or email to request a connection. This app also supports users to connect and chat with many others. To use Quick Assist, users need to create a connection to gain access to someone else’s device. The following article will guide you to read how to use Quick Assist on Windows 10.

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How to use Quick Assist to access Windows 10 remotely

Step 1:

In the Windows 10 search bar, we type the keyword Quick Assist and then tap on the result.

Step 2:

Display the Quick Assist application interface. There are 2 different options for users here, with Get assistance allowing you to access other people’s computers and Give assistance allowing others to access your computers.

First we should click Give assistance , then click Assist another person .

Step 3:

Next, the user is asked to sign in with his or her personal Microsoft account. Click Keep me signed in to use this account for the following logins.

Step 4:

Display interface provides security code with 6 characters with maximum time of 10 minutes . Within these 10 minutes you must send this connection code to gain access. If it takes 10 minutes to start over.

At the bottom of the window above, you will see four options displayed, asking how you want to convey support information, including:

  • Copy to clipboard
  • Send email
  • Provide instructions (Provide instructions)
  • Cancel and start over

Select 1 suitable option from among these to provide help. Detailed instructions for each of these options will be detailed below!

To copy the security code to the clipboard

A) Click the Copy to clipboard option .

Click the Copy to clipboard option

B) Once you have submitted the code, click the I sent the code link and go to the next step below.

Click the I sent the code link
Provide a security code for those who need help

To email a security code

A) Click the Send email option.

Click the Send email option

B) Enter the email address of the person who needs support, click Send and go to the next step below.

Enter the email address of the person in need of assistance
Provide a security code to connect 2 computers

To provide instructions with security code

A) Click the Provide instructions option .

Click the Provide instructions option

B) After you have provided the instructions, click the I provided the instructions link and go to the next step below.

Click on the I provided the instructions link
Connecting will take place after entering the security code

The supported person will now need to use the security code you sent them to connect. Details are given in the next section.

Step 5:

Then another connected computer must also open the Quick Assist application, then in the Get assistance section enter the connection code you sent in the Code from assistant box and click Share screen below.

Then on your computer there is the option to access the screen including Take full control (allows viewing the screen and full control) and View screen (only viewing the connected screen but cannot fully control) . Here we choose to Take full control and then click Continue to continue.

At the same time on the connected computer they must click Allow to allow 2 computers to access each other.

Step 6:

As a result, you will see a window showing the other person’s computer screen. You will have full access to their computer, so you can launch any program or access any file. This is useful for remote computer repair and rescue without having to be present in person.

Above are icons that allow users to annotate, resize window display, restart connection, open task manager, send message, pause or end connection.

Every activity we do on the other person’s computer they know and are observable.

Step 7:

To stop the connection , either person simply turns off the Quick Assist app bar or you press the End button .

Compared to other remote connection software, the Quick Assist application is simpler and easier to use. Just two parties send and enter the correct connection code, we can access each other’s computer screens. Quick Assist is available in Windows 10 and is completely free.

I wish you all success!