How to use Beauty Search to beautify Windows 10's search feature

How to use Beauty Search to beautify Windows 10's search feature

Windows Search is one of the premium features of Windows 10, it allows you to search for files on your computer or find information through the web (using Bing tool).

Although it works well, the overall look of Windows Search has remained largely unchanged since its launch. It doesn’t even have a dark background mode.

Recently, Microsoft announced that users will soon be able to use Windows Search in the dark background by customizing in Settings => Personalization. Adding a dark mode is a welcome improvement, but not enough for those who want to further customize the look and feel of Windows Search.

Since Windows Search is based on Microsoft’s web technology, it can be changed by adding a custom JavaScript file. But if you’re not technically savvy, you can use a free tool called “Beauty Search” to customize Windows Search on Windows 10.


By default, Windows 10 lets you apply accent colors to the Start menu, Action Center, and the taskbar. But you cannot apply accent colors to the Windows Search search results window. With Beauty Search, you can force Windows Search to respect the accent color of the system.

Besides, Beauty Search also allows you to activate the dark background in the search results window.

Other features:

  • Removes the background color of UWP app icons
  • Add watermarks to context menus
  • Rounded corner context menu
  • Add an acrylic effect to the context menu
  • Removes outlines around borders when you navigate with the mouse

How to install Beauty Search

To use Beauty Search, you must be running Windows 10 2004 or higher.

To install, follow these steps:

B1: Visit the Beauty Search page on GitHub

B2: Download the .exe file

B3: Left-click twice on the .exe file to launch the installation

B4: Select the feature then click Apply to apply the selected feature

B5: Click Install or Reinstall to install

If you are knowledgeable about code and JavaScript you can also download the source code of Beauty Search to create your own interesting features.

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