How to use a Windows 10 PC as a WiFi extender

How to use a Windows 10 PC as a WiFi extender

WiFi extender is a specialized device or software that can repeat and extend wireless signals. Often times, WiFi extenders are needed in large spaces or buildings where even a dedicated router cannot cover the entire space.

If you are currently looking for the fastest and most economical solution to expand your wireless network, read the following article to learn how to use your Windows 10 computer as a dedicated WiFi extender.

Of course, the fastest and cheapest solution isn’t always the best solution. Therefore, it is best to buy a repeater for about 1 million VND or choose a dedicated extender software with an equivalent price.

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But, if you want a solution that is quick and doesn’t cost anything, the built-in Windows 10 feature will be the perfect choice for you. However, unlike the paid options outlined above, the Windows solution comes with a few drawbacks: This wireless repeater will create a second hotspot that your device must connect to.

Set up your Windows 10 PC to act as a WiFi extender

This isn’t really a classic WiFi extender because a new hotspot network will be created – this will be different from the actual WiFi network provided by your router. The new wireless access point has its own name and passphrase.

Create a separate wireless hotspot in Windows 10 for easy wireless expansion. All you have to do is:

1. Press the Win + I hotkey to open Settings.

2. From System Settings , click Network & Internet .

Click on Network & Internet

3. In the next window, from the left panel, select Mobile hotspot.

4. Turn on the Share my Internet connection with other devices option .

5. Then, click Edit , and then set a new network name and password.

6. Save changes.

Use MyPublicWifi

Follow these steps to set up your computer as a WiFi extender with MyPublicWifi:

1. Download and install MyPublicWiFi.

Note: You will have to restart your computer once the installation is complete.

2. Connect the WiFi adapter.

Connect to WiFi adapter

Let the drivers install themselves. It may take some time depending on the availability of updates, computer configuration and Internet speed.

3. Start MyPublicWiFi in admin mode.

Start MyPublicWiFi in admin mode

4. Select a network name and password.

Choose a network name and password

5. Find the Enable Internet Sharing drop-down menu. Select the network you want to share. In this case, choose the WiFi connection made for the primary router that is connected to the Internet.

Select the network you want to share

6. Click Set Up and Start Hotspot .

7. Please connect to the network you named in the settings!

Please connect to the network you named in setup