How to use a Windows 10 factory reset option from the cloud

How to use a Windows 10 factory reset option from the cloud

Do you remember when having to factory reset Windows from CD or DVD? Windows 10 added a partition with a reset image. However, what if the image is damaged? Fortunately, the Windows Update May 2020 has introduced a new reset option – the option to factory reset Windows 10 from the cloud.

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Through Cloud Recovery, Microsoft wants to minimize the installation recovery process for erroneous Windows 10 versions.

Reset from cloud

Before the May 2020 Windows Update, you had to reinstall locally. This uses the hidden partition on the computer. Of course, if you created a separate backup image to reinstall from there, you can do that too.

However, partitions with a “clean” copy of Windows 10 are not always secure. Viruses can easily corrupt it or Windows updates can make a terrible mistake. You won’t notice any problems until it’s too late.

By adding a cloud option, you can download a fresh copy of Windows 10 for your device. This is not a trick to get Windows 10 for free. Instead, Microsoft will see that you now have Windows 10 installed.

By adding a cloud option, you can download a fresh copy of Windows 10 for your device


Before you do anything else, back up your files, if possible. While the Windows 10 factory reset option from the cloud lets you keep your files, it doesn’t always go well. It would be better to have a copy just in case. Of course, this is not possible if you delete everything and start over.

Also, the reset process will take longer than usual. This is because about 4 Gigabytes of download have to be downloaded to replace your current copy of Windows 10. The exact time depends on your Internet connection.

Make sure you have a reliable connection in the process to prevent any problems from arising. Also, make sure you have at least 4 Gigabytes of free space to download.

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How to use the “Reset this PC from the Cloud” feature

You can say Reset this PC from the Cloud is a feature that Microsoft “borrows” from Apple, specifically from the “macOS Recovery” feature, and they should have done this earlier!

To get started using the Reset this PC from the Cloud feature, you can do the following:

1. Access the Settings item by clicking the gear icon in the Start menu.

Access the Settings item through the Start menu

2. Navigate to Update & Security and click the Recovery option in the left pane.

Click the Recovery option

Windows will give you 3 options: Reset this PC (reinstall this PC), Go back to the previous version of Windows 10 (go back to a previous version of Windows 10), and Advanced Startup (advanced boot).

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3. Click “Get started” in the Reset this PC section and Windows will continue to show you two more options – “Keep my files” and “Remove everything” Please select an option that you see fit.

Choose one of two options that you will do with the file system stored on your computer

4. Next, Windows will show you 2 other options, which are “Cloud download” (reinstall via cloud) and “Local Reinstall” (reinstall locally). If you choose the first option, Windows will be reinstalled on the same build and version by downloading the necessary files from Microsoft’s servers. If you choose the second option, Windows will be reinstalled with the system image stored in the system’s recovery partition.

In this case, you should click on Cloud download option

Click the Cloud download option

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5. Next, Windows will display a screen to confirm the options you have selected as well as how to restore the installation. When ready, click the Reset button.

The screen confirms the options you have selected

6. Windows will now begin downloading the files needed to reinstall your PC from Cloud. Once the process is complete, your PC will automatically reboot.

Your PC will automatically restart

7. After a successful reboot, the system will automatically begin the process of “Reset this PC” and reinstall Windows 10 on the computer.

Windows 10 automatically starts the system reinstall process

8. When the reinstallation is complete, Windows will continue to restart again and then prompt you to log into the system. Once logged in, Edge will be opened with a welcome page as shown below.

Once logged in, Edge will be opened with a welcome page

As such, your PC is now reinstalled through Windows files downloaded from Microsoft’s cloud.

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Overall, this new set of Cloud download features will greatly simplify the core tasks with Windows. Installing new updates or reinstalling Windows 10 will now become easier and faster than ever, because you will have absolutely no use of DVDs or USBs, and no need to create partitions. Install, create bootable USB containing the installation … as before.

Lacks reset from cloud option

If you don’t see the option to factory reset Windows 10 from the cloud, you’ll need to update Windows to the May 2020 Update. Go to Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update . Download the latest updates. You will see Version 2004 as an available update. This version must be installed before you can use the cloud reset feature.