How to turn on and off checkboxes in File Explorer Windows 10

How to turn on and off checkboxes in File Explorer Windows 10

The most common way to select multiple items in File Explorer is to use the Ctrl or Shift press and click method. Pressing Ctrl and clicking allows you to select specific items while pressing Shift and a helpful click to select all items in a specific range.

In File Explorer Windows 10 has a checkbox feature that helps you select multiple files or multiple folders at the same time without having to press the Shift key or press the Ctrl key to perform copy, move … This checkbox feature is also very useful when we use the touch screen, or in the case of a broken or problematic computer keyboard.

Checkboxes will now appear at the top left of each file when the user hoveres the mouse to select it. This checkbox feature is available in all file display modes in File Explorer, including List and Details modes. In case you do not want to use this checkbox, you can completely turn it off.

The following article will guide you how to customize checkboxes in File Explorer Windows 10.

Instructions to turn on and off the Windows 10 checkbox in File Explorer

Step 1:

We open File Explorer on the computer , then on the ribbon at the top of the screen click View . Then look down the Show / hide group, check the Item Check Boxes box .

So each time you hover on each file or folder, the checkbox in the left corner will be displayed as shown below. Then you just need to tick the files, or folders you want to process.

Step 2:

If you do not want to use this checkbox in File Explorer anymore, we just need to uncheck the Item Check Boxes box .

In addition to the above adjustment, for Windows 7 computers, to enable or disable the checkbox in File Explorer on the computer, you need to find the keyword Folder Options in the search bar. In Windows 10, click View in the toolbar and select Options.

Folder Options interface displays, you move to the View tab and then look down to find the option Use Check Boxes To Select Items and then uncheck or tick to enable / disable the checkbox, click Apply to apply the change.

Instructions to turn on and off checkbox in Registry Editor

You can also enable the File Explorer checkbox from Registry Editor. All you have to do is generate the AutoCheckSelect reg key and set it to On. Please follow these steps:

Step 1 : First, open the Start menu .

Step 2 : Type “regedit” into the search field and click on the search result.

Step 3 : After opening Registry Editor, go to the following folder. You can copy and paste the path into the address bar.


Step 4 : Right-click on the Advanced folder .

Step 5 : Select the option New> Dword Value .

Step 6 : Name the new value AutoCheckSelect.

Name the new value AutoCheckSelect

Step 7 : Double-click the AutoCheckSelect value .

Step 8 : Enter 1 in the Value Data field and click OK.

Enter 1 in the Value Data field and click OK

Step 9 : Close Registry Editor.

Step 10 : Reboot Windows 10 system.

As soon as you reboot the system, the registry key will be applied and you will see the checkboxes in Windows File Explorer.

Note : If you cannot find the Advanced folder in the registry path above, create a new folder. To do that, right-click on the Explorer folder, choose New> Key and name the folder Advanced.

To turn off the checkboxes, change the value data in step 8 to 0, or delete the AutoCheckSelect value .

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