How to show seconds on the Windows 10 Taskbar clock

How to show seconds on the Windows 10 Taskbar clock

Did you know that you can display seconds on the taskbar? By default, you can click on the time shown on the Taskbar and the pop-up will show the time in seconds. If you want them to always show up on the Taskbar to know the exact time each second, keep in mind this method, note this method only works on Windows 10.

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How to display seconds by editing Registry


Registry Editor is a powerful tool and overusing it can make your system unstable or even inoperable. This is a pretty simple trick and as long as you follow the instructions, you should not have any problems.

However, if you have never worked with Registry Editor before, learn how to use Registry Editor before you get started. And remember to back up your Registry (and your computer!) Before making any changes!

Start by opening Registry Editor. Type regedit into the Start menu and launch the utility. Accept the administrator’s prompts and you’ll have access to the Registry. As always, be careful here as just one mistake can lead to system crashes.

Open the Advanced key under this path:

Open the Advanced key

Right-click on the Advanced folder in the left bar. Choose New> DWORD (32-bit Value).

Choose New> DWORD (32-bit Value)

Name it ShowSecondsInSystemClock.

Use ShowSecondsInSystemClock as the value name

Next, double click this value in the right panel. In the Value data field, set the value to 1 . Click OK to save your changes, then close Registry Editor. After logging out and logging back into your account, you will see the seconds displayed on your watch.

Set the value to 1

If you do not want to display the number of seconds, go back to the Registry, change the value to 0 or delete it.

How to display seconds by ZIP file

Display seconds by ZIP file

If you don’t want to edit the Registry yourself, you can use the following downloadable registry hacks. There are two hacks: One will display the seconds in the system clock and the other will reverse the change and hide the seconds from the clock. Both are included in this ZIP file. Double-click the hack you want to use, agree to the prompt, then log out and back in again for the changes to take effect.

These hacks also set the ShowSecondsInSystemClock value in the same way as the article described above. Running the file “Show Seconds In System Clock” will generate the value ShowSecondsInSystemClock with the value data of 1 , while running the file “Remove Seconds From System Clock” will remove the value ShowSecondsInSystemClock from your Registry.

If you want to be curious what these files or any other .reg file does, you can right-click on them and choose “Edit” to view their contents in Notepad. And, if you like to experiment with the Registry, you should learn how to create your own registry hacks.

You may also be interested in displaying the current day of the week on the taskbar clock. This can be done without accessing the Registry, as you can easily customize the date format that appears below time from the standard Control Panel interface.

I wish you all success!