How to set up Microsoft Family Safety features in Windows 10

How to set up Microsoft Family Safety features in Windows 10

You don’t need third-party tools to monitor your child’s activities on your PC. You just need to set up the built-in Microsoft Family Safety features in Windows 10. These include a set of parental controls to make it easier and even easier to keep track of what your child is doing. block them from websites you don’t feel safe about.

Set up your child’s account

Before you can set up Microsoft Family Safety features, you must set up a child’s account for supervision. Your child will need an email address for this, but you can create an email address in the process. If you don’t want your child to have an email address, you can manage their email account. If your child already has an account on their PC, skip this section.

Go to Start> Settings> Accounts or press Win + I and click on Accounts.

Click on Family & other users . Select Add a family member .

Select Add a family member

You can also add a guest account from this screen. However, they are not included in home settings.

If your child or family member already has an email address, enter it in the box. If not, click Create one for a child directly below the box.

If you created a new account, follow the prompts to enter a new email address and user details. When prompted, sign in with your child’s credentials. Because children are underage, Microsoft requires a parent, legal guardian, or other adult to approve their account. Sign in with your own account and accept the legal agreement.

Sign in with your own account and accept the legal agreement

Choose if your child can use third-party apps. If not, they will only be able to use official Microsoft apps.

Once that is confirmed, it’s time to set up parental controls for that account. You can set separate settings for all home accounts.

If you’re ready to start managing settings, click Manage Settings . If not, click Done.

Manage Microsoft Family Safety features

If you clicked Manage Settings from the previous step, a new window will open in your default browser. You might need to sign back in to your Microsoft account on the Microsoft Family site.

If your child already has an account, click the Manage family settings online link in the Windows 10 account settings ( Start> Settings> Accounts> Family & Other users ).

Once you’re signed in, you’ll see a list of family members with different settings that apply to each account.

List of family members with different settings that apply to each account

Track activity by clicking Activity. From here, you can turn on Activity Reporting and get email notifications about screen time, app usage, and web browsing on Windows 10, as well as Xbox, as long as your kid uses the specified account. of them.

Turn on Activity Reporting and receive email notifications

Under Screen Time , set a schedule for Windows 10 and / or Xbox. You can customize each day to better suit your account needs, such as weekend bonuses for gaming.

Schedule Windows 10 and / or Xbox in Screen Time

You can also set limits for specific apps and games, set content limits (including allowed and blocked sites), add spending limits on in-app purchases, Ask for parental permission before buying something (you’ll get an approval email), and even find your kid.

Use the Family Safety app

When you select “Find your child” in any family member’s account settings, you’ll be prompted to install Family Safety, an app that lets you track the location of family members, including children, at any given time. Obviously, location settings need to be enabled on the user’s device for this feature to work.

You can enter your email address to be sent a download link to your device, or download it directly to iOS or Android. Family Safety features are already part of Windows 10 mobile devices.

The app works similarly to the Microsoft Family website. However, most users don’t find all that useful beyond tracking a child’s location. Your child must also sign in to the Microsoft Family Safety app with their account for you to follow. If you want, you can still review your child’s activity reports.

Use the Family Safety app to track location

This application runs in the background so it will drain the battery quickly. It even claims to be excluded from energy-saving features. Of course, the location setting has to be on at all times, which may or may not make you comfortable.

However, the combination of the web app and the Microsoft Family Safety app gives you a great way to monitor users on a family account at any time.

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