How to set the default name of a newly created folder according to the current date on Windows 10

How to set the default name of a newly created folder according to the current date on Windows 10

By default, when you create a new folder in Windows 10, that folder is automatically named “New folder”. There is absolutely no problem with this name, but you do not like it and want to use the current date as the folder name for easy management, just follow the steps below.

First, open the ” Start ” menu, enter the keyword ” Settings ” in the search box and click on the corresponding result. Alternatively, you can also press the Windows + i key combination to quickly open the Settings app on Windows 10.

In the Settings menu, click the “ Time & Language ” option.

Select “ Region ” on the left sidebar and then click “ Change data formats ” on the right pane.

Click the drop-down menu under ” Short date ” and choose the format to display dates with dashes instead of slashes as usual. Now you can close the Settings app.

Next, access Registry Editor by pressing Windows + R , enter the keyword “ regedit ” in the Run dialog box and press “ Enter ”.

Navigate to the following path in Registry Editor :

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT  Directory  shell

Right click on the ” shell ” folder and select New> Key . Enter “ Folder ” as the key name and press “ Enter ”.

Right click on the ” Folder ” key you just created and choose New> Key . Enter ” command ” as the key name and press ” Enter “.

Click once on the newly created command key on the left, then double click on the ” Default ” option on the right pane.

In the Edit String box, enter the following information in the ” Value data ” field and click ” OK “.

cmd.exe / c md "% 1 / %% DATE %%"

Close the Registry Editor window.

Now, you need to relaunch Windows Explorer for the changes to take effect. To do this, right-click on the taskbar and click “ Task Manager ”. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to quickly open Task Manager.

Find ” Windows Explorer ” in the Processes list, click on it and then click the ” Restart ” button in the lower right corner. (If you don’t see a complete list of system processes, click “ More Details ” at the bottom of the window).

Note that creating a new folder with the default name of the current date is a little different from creating a regular folder. You can only create folders of this type inside another large folder. Please right click on the large folder where you want to create a new folder using the current date as the default name inside it and click on “ Folder ”.

A new folder with the name current date will be created inside the large folder you selected.

To undo the changes, just delete the Registry values you created above and revert to the default name “New Folder” for the new folders.