How to see what is taking up a lot of storage space on Windows 10

How to see what is taking up a lot of storage space on Windows 10

When your hard drive is about to be full, you will probably wonder what has taken up storage space. At this point, a feature called “Storage sense” of Windows 10 will take effect.

On Windows 10, Storage sense helps you analyze which types of data take up a lot of storage resources. In addition, it also helps you to quickly free up storage space.

How to see what is taking up a lot of storage space on Windows 10

To analyze which types of data occupy the most storage resources on Windows 10 versions 1903, 1909, 2004, 20H2 and later, follow these steps:

  • Open Settings in Windows 10
  • Click Systems
  • Click Storage

  • Here, the system will list the C: drive and some file types that take up the most storage space
  • You click Show more categories to see how much other file types take up

  • You scroll down to More storage settings below and select View storage usage on other drives
  • If you have more than one drive, select each drive to see detailed information such as what is displayed with drive C:

Thanks to this information, you know what types of files are taking up the most storage space. You can also click and type each file to view details and clean up the file if you like.

With Windows 10 as old as 1809, you do the following steps:

  • Still go to Settings> Systems> Storage
  • Under Local storage , click each drive to see details
  • This part is the same as above, you can click on each item to get more information and take action if needed. For example, you can access the App & game section to view and remove apps / games that are no longer useful

Of these, the Temporary files section is something you can manually delete if needed. This is the item that mostly contains junk files, without any function or task.

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