How to remove XBox completely from Windows 10

How to remove XBox completely from Windows 10

Windows 10 introduced many great features, including Xbox integration for gamers. In fact, not everyone is a gamer. However, this doesn’t stop Microsoft from including it for everyone.

If you’re trying to get rid of an Xbox, you might notice there’s no uninstall option there. The good news is you won’t be stuck with Xbox. There is another way to delete this app.

The purpose of the Xbox application

The Xbox app has become an application for all gamers playing between Xbox and PC. This app offers many features, such as remote gaming, chatting with friends, etc.

For those who don’t use this app and will never use it in the future, it’s just a bloatware that takes up space on a Windows 10 PC. The Xbox is one of several Universal apps that Microsoft assumes. everyone wants to use.

Remove Xbox from Windows 10

While most applications can be easily removed from Add or Remove Programs , you don’t have the option to uninstall the Xbox. Instead, you have to take a different approach using Windows PowerShell.

This process is fast and should not cause any problems with your PC. However, backing up files in this case is always a wise choice.

To get started, open the Windows Start menu and type in PowerShell. Then open PowerShell as admin. You will need admin rights to do this. Wait for the PowerShell window to open and the prompt to appear.

Open PowerShell as admin

Type (or copy and paste) the following command and press Enter .

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxApp | Remove-AppxPackage

If you get the error message, try the following command instead:

Get-AppxPackage *xboxapp* | Remove-AppxPackage
Xbox complete removal command

This command will remove the Xbox completely, at least for the main app.

Remove additional Xbox apps

If you search your PC, you will find some Xbox-related applications still left on your computer. While you can’t remove system-level apps and settings, such as Game Bar and Xbox Networking, you can remove the following:

  • Xbox Game Overlay
  • Xbox Gaming Overlay
  • Xbox Identify Provider
  • Xbox Speech To Text Overlay

Again, remember to back up your files before deleting apps via PowerShell in case something goes wrong.

You will be using PowerShell like you did to remove the main Xbox app. However, you will enter them one by one. Press Enter after each line and wait for the removal to complete.

Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.Xbox.TCUI | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxIdentityProvider | Remove-AppxPackage Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.XboxSpeechToTextOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage

As with removing the main Xbox app, if you get any errors change the Microsoft part of the line to * appname * , where appname is the app listed below from Microsoft. For example, Microsoft.XboxGameOverlay will become * xboxgameoverlay *.

When done, restart your computer. Some files may not be gone yet. These are the remaining application files. You can use a search engine to find these files and delete them. You can also use Windows’ built-in tools or a system cleaner.

Restore Xbox app

If you want to restore the Xbox app, reinstall it from the Microsoft Store. There are several versions, including a beta version for trial use.

You can also expect a major Windows 10 system update, which usually happens once or twice a year. Sadly, Universal apps often reappear with major system updates, so you’ll need to go through the deletion process again.

Microsoft lists the names of most of these apps so you can have more control over what is on your PC and understand what they are used for. See for more details at: