How to pin the Calculator on the Windows 10 screen to always float on other applications

How to pin the Calculator on the Windows 10 screen to always float on other applications

Calculator is one of the few indispensable cross-platform applications available in all versions of Windows. Although the main purpose does not change: Help users solve mathematical calculations from simple to complex. But Calculator has improved a lot in both interface and functionality over the past few years.

For example, Calculator on Windows 10 now has a feature that allows users to pin the application interface, so that it is always displayed on the screen no matter what application you are using. Calculator supports many different calculation modes, so this screen pinning feature will be very useful for those who need to do multitasking that requires continuous calculation.

To pin the Calculator app window on your Windows 10 desktop, just do a few simple steps:

Step 1: Open the ” Calculator ” application from the ” Start Menu ” or anywhere you normally use it.


Note: The Calculator application will launch in the mode you last used. However, it should be noted that this screen pinning feature only works with the Calculator ‘ Standard ‘ mode. If you are not in this mode, click the three-dash parallel menu icon in the top left corner of the application window, then click “ Standard ”.

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Step 2: Click the box icon with an arrow next to ” Standard “.

Biểu tượng ô vuông có mũi tên bên cạnh “Standard”.

The Calculator application will now pop up in a slightly smaller window. This window will always be displayed on any program interface. You can drag it anywhere you want on the screen by holding down the top bar. You can also resize the Calculator by dragging and dropping the edges.

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As such, the Calculator app is now pinned on your Windows 10 desktop. Just click “ X ” to close the app when you’re done.

Video instructions for pinning computer apps Windows 10