How to open apps on my favorite desktop when using multiple monitors on Windows 10

How to open apps on my favorite desktop when using multiple monitors on Windows 10

When using multiple apps on Windows 10, you must have encountered an unexpected open application situation. This guide by make-up will help you set up to open apps on the home screen or whatever screen you want.

To prevent Windows 10 from running unwanted desktop apps, use the following solutions:

1. Move the app to the desired screen

This is probably the easiest solution to force an app to open on a particular screen. When you have two / three or more monitors, open the app you want to adjust, then drag and drop it onto the screen you want to place. Next, close the app and reopen it.

After this, the app will be reopened on the screen it displayed before being closed. If this solution didn’t work then you should try the second one.

2. Use the resizing method

Sometimes your computer is unable to detect the movement of applications between screens. Once there, the app will always open on the same screen.

To solve this problem, you should open the app then resize the application window. You have to change the size to minimize / enlarge by dragging the mouse, not using the maximized button or minimizing d.

Now move the app to the screen you want to place. Next, you turn off the application, before shutting down do not resize the application window. Then, when you reopen the app will show up in the window you want.

3. Set up the main screen

Alternatively, you can set a display as your home screen so that apps are always open on this screen. To set up the home screen, do the following:

  • Press Windows + I to access Settings
  • Then go to System> Display
  • Click Identify to have the system display and number the screens
  • After selecting the monitor to set as your main display , click Make this my main display

From now on, apps will be opened on the home screen. If you want it to open on other screens you need to do the first or second method above.

You can also use the Windows + Shift + Left / Right key combination to move an open application window to the corresponding position on another screen.

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