How to make every Windows 10 window transparent

How to make every Windows 10 window transparent

Transparent interface style is applied by many manufacturers on the application to bring beautiful design to users. Besides, some tools also create transparency for the Taskbar on Windows 10, transparent background on the computer, or transparent mode for the Start menu.

In this article you will learn more about a few possible ways to transparent all open windows on your computer.

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How to create transparency for windows on Windows using Glass2k

Glass2k tool is very light in capacity, not installed on a computer. In particular, Glass2k also provides a shortcut to switch the interface to transparent mode quickly. The following article will guide you how to use the Glass2k tool to create a transparent interface on Windows.

Step 1:

Access the link below to download the Glass2k file to your computer.


Step 2:

After downloading the file, click on the exe file to launch it will display the tool’s Settings interface. In this interface, check Auto-Load Glass2k every Windows starts so that the tool will run as soon as you open Windows.

Check Auto-Remember every window’s Transparency Settings to remember the transparency settings for windows on the tool.

Step 3:

Also in this interface at line Transparency Popup set up a shortcut to activate the transparency mode for the open window on Windows.

In addition, the tool also provides a shortcut to adjust the level of transparency for the application interface, in the Keyboard shortcut .

  • Control + Shift + 9: Lowest transparency level.
  • Control + Shift + 8: Gradually increase the transparency. You press gradually from 8 to 3 to increase the level of transparency for the window.
  • Control + Shift + 2: High level of transparency.
  • Control + Shift + 1: Maximum transparency.
  • Control + Shift + 0: Cancel transparency for the app window.

User can also change group of shortcut level transparency for application window. Finally click the Save button to save.

Step 4:

To make it transparent any open window on your computer, press the keyboard shortcut you set up earlier. This will show the% blurring column for that window. Highest at 90% and lowest at 10%.

For example, I will dim the application window with 40% and get the results as shown below. The window interface becomes transparent. We should adjust the transparency to about 50% or more to clearly see the contents in the window.

Step 5:

To exit transparent background, press the key combination on Glass2k again and press No Glass Effect .

Step 6:

Glass2k tool also features transparency adjustment for the taskbar . In the Settings interface of the tool there will be Taskbar Transparency section to adjust the level you want.

Step 7:

For the following visits to reset Glass2k such as customizing the shortcut to show the list of% opacity, right-click on the tool icon in the system tray and select Settings .

Glass2k tool will bring customization feature transparency for application windows on Windows. Besides, the tool also creates transparency for the Taskbar, which you do not need other software to support.

Video tutorials create transparency for Windows windows

Script AutoHotKey makes the window transparent

The easiest way to make the window transparent is to use AutoHotKey. This method is very easy and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to make the window transparent. Here are the exact steps you should follow.

1. First, download AutoHotKey and install it.

2. Once installed, right-click on the desktop and choose New> Text Document .

Select New> Text Document

3. Name it “TrasparentWindow.ahk”. You can name the file anything you want, but remember to make sure you replace .txt with .ahk.

4. Right-click on the .ahk file and select Edit script.

Select Edit script

The file will open in Notepad. Copy and paste the code below into it.

;Press Alt + T !T:: togg34:=!togg34 if togg34 WinSet, Transparent, 200 , A else WinSet, Transparent, OFF , A

5. Choose File> Save or press Ctrl + S to save the file.

6. Close Notepad.

Double-click the newly created file to run it. As long as the script is running, you can make any window transparent. Just select the window and press the Alt + T keyboard shortcut. Press the keyboard shortcut again to make the window normal.

Make a window transparent using the Peek Through app

Peek Through allows you to change the opacity of any window using a keyboard shortcut. The app even allows you to set the transparency level of a window.

1. First, download the Peek Through app from here and install it:

2. Once installed, open the Start menu.

3. Enter Peek Through and click the result to open the application.

4. After opening the app, click the Activate button .

Click the Activate button

5. (Optional) To change the transparency value, go to the Transparency tab and move the slider if needed.

Move the slider as needed

6. Click the Save button to apply the settings.

7. Minimize the app.

As soon as you click the Minimize button, the application will be minimized to the taskbar. From now on, whenever you want a transparent window, select it and press the Win + A keyboard shortcut. Press the keyboard shortcut again to make the window normal.

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I wish you all success!