How to install the charming Windows 10 interface with Decision and Rainmeter themes

How to install the charming Windows 10 interface with Decision and Rainmeter themes

Hello guys, after the previous post about Windows 10 interface with Amatical theme, I found you guys seem very interested in this topic. So, today, make a decision to guide you how to install another equally beautiful interface Amatical.

This new interface is titled Decision and also by the author ApexXx-Sensei on Deviantart. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Back up the system and install Rainmeter

As usual, before you install anything on your computer you should back up your Windows 10 system for backup. How to back up a Windows 10 system you can refer to on make techin the following link:

  • How to backup and restore Windows 10 from System Image

Next, you download and install Rainmeter software. The download link I will keep below, but the installation process is not difficult, you just go Next and Install and then OK is finished.

  • Rainmeter download link

Once installed, Rainmeter will display some default skins on the screen. These skins only appear for testing purposes so they’re pretty ugly, you can right-click on it to choose Hide skin (or Turn off skin for you to install Vietnamese language).

Later if you do not like any skin in the skins, you can hide it. In addition, you can also use the skin combination of the skins comfortably.

Step 2: Download and set the Decision theme

This theme is shared by ApexXx-Sensei for free on Deviantart, you can download it for free. Before downloading, you will have to create a Deviantart account, the account creation process is quite simple, takes a few minutes.

Windows 10 interface with Decision theme

After accessing the link below and registering for an account, click the Download box in the lower left corner of the background photo. The downloaded theme file is in the format xxx.rmskin . You run this file and click Install in the bottom corner of the confirmation window.

  • Download the Decision theme

The installation process only takes a few seconds and the theme’s skins will be displayed always on screen. This set of themes is highly appreciated because there are more shortcuts to My Computer, folder, browser, Facebook … In addition, it also has power control buttons such as shutdown, restart …

Just like the previous Amatical skin, make no attempt to set the Hanoi weather code for the weather skin but it doesn’t work. You can remove this skin on the Decision theme and replace it with the skin displaying the cool citations of the Amatical theme.

As usual, you can freely drag and drop to change the position of the skins to suit the background. Dark backgrounds will be a perfect match for this theme. Here is a result of makeover, I combine the skin displaying Amatical quotes with Decision and remove the weather skin:

Wishing you success and inviting you to read more great tips on make tech: