How to get remote assistance with the Quick Assist app in Windows 10

How to get remote assistance with the Quick Assist app in Windows 10

The Quick Assist application allows two people to share a computer over a remote connection so that one person can help solve problems on the other’s computer.

The person with the problem asks for support from a helper (friend or Microsoft support). Both must start Quick Assist and the assistant sends a security code to the person in need. The helper enters the code and grants permission to the helper, then the helper can take control of the helper’s computer and provide assistance over a remote connection.

When you get help, you allow someone you trust to support you by taking control of your computer. This guide will show you how to quickly and easily get remote assistance using the Quick Assist app in Windows 10.

How to get remote assistance with the Quick Assist app in Windows 10

1. The support person will first need to follow the instructions in the article: How to use Quick Assist to control the remote computer to send you a security code and connection.

2. Open the Quick Assist app ( Win + Ctrl + Q ) from All apps in Windows Accessories.

Open the Quick Assist application

3. Enter help codes in Get assistance and click the Share screen button .

Enter the help code and press the Share Screen button

4. Click Alllow to grant the assistant access to your computer.

Grant access to your computer

5. Quick Assist will remotely initiate connecting the two computers.

The connection process begins

6. You will now be connected to another PC with screen sharing enabled so you can get help from that person’s computer.

The support person will provide help for you

7. When you are finished receiving assistance, you can close the Quick Assist application and click Close to confirm.

You can close Quick Assist when done

8. Now, in the Give Feedback section, you can give feedback, then click Submit to send or click Close to close Quick Assist.

You can give feedback in the Give Feedback section

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