How to fix the Windows + Space key combination not working

How to fix the Windows + Space key combination not working

If you have multiple keyboard layouts you will have to frequently use Windows + Space to switch between them. However, after a few recent updates, some users have encountered a faulty Windows + Space button.

In this article, we will guide you how to fix the Windows + Space key combination on Windows 10 not working.

Fix Windows key + Space not working error on Windows 10

If you have this problem, you can try the solutions below, in no particular order. However, you need to first try to see if the problem is with the keyboard or not.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Try connecting the keyboard to a different USB port if it’s a wired keyboard
  • Try using the virtual keyboard
  • Try connecting the keyboard to another computer to see if it works properly
  • Try connecting a different keyboard to the computer and see how everything works
  • Try disabling the RAID setting in the BIOS see if everything gets fixed

If the problem is not with the hardware then we will start moving on to software solutions.

1. Reboot the computer

The first solution you should try is to restart your computer. Sometimes just restarting your computer will help you solve problems that you cannot fix forever.

If restarting still does not fix the problem, please try next solution.

2. Run keyboard debugger

To run the keyboard fixer on Windows 10, follow these steps:

  • Press Windows + I to open Settings
  • Click Update & Security
  • Next, choose Troubleshoot
  • Find and click Additional troubleshooters
  • Here, scroll down to find the Keyboard section and click on Run the troubleshooter

3. Run SFC

Also does not exclude the possibility that your computer has a system error leading to this problem. To fix it, you should run the scanner and fix the SFC system error. Please follow the instructions in the article below:

  • Use the SFC scannow command to fix Windows 10 file system errors

4. Update keyboard driver

This error can also occur when you are using a faulty or outdated keyboard driver. Therefore, you need to try updating the keyboard driver through Device Manager or through the Optional Updates section of Windows Update. You can also get the latest updates from the keyboard manufacturer’s website.

If updating the keyboard driver still does not fix the problem, you can try removing the keyboard driver and then restarting your computer. At this point, Windows will automatically install the standard driver for the keyboard and be able to fix the problem.

5. Delete the update

This solution requires you to remove the problematic software update and prevent Windows Update from installing it again.

How to remove a problematic Windows update can be found here:

  • How to remove Windows 10 updates to go back to old versions of Windows

6. Restore the entire system

If none of the solutions above helped you to fix the problem then you might consider a full system restore. This solution requires you to have a backup of your system. How you can refer to the article below:

  • How to backup and restore Windows 10 from System Image

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