How to fix Bluetooth Metered Connection error on Windows 10

How to fix Bluetooth Metered Connection error on Windows 10

Establishing a Metered Connection (Internet connection with limited data) in Windows 10 is necessary for many users. Whether you have limited Internet or just want more control over Windows updates, Metered Connection is a useful feature.

At the very least, Metered Connection is useful until you connect a Bluetooth headset, keyboard or other device and get a Bluetooth Metered Connection error. The problem is not with your device but with the connection. Thankfully, the error is easy to fix.

Why does the error happen?

The Bluetooth Metered Connection error occurs because Windows 10 tries to automatically download the latest device and driver updates every time you connect a Bluetooth device. This makes setting up a device easier than finding drivers manually, if you need them.

The problem is, if you have a Metered Connection connection, Windows won’t download anything. Since nothing can be downloaded, Windows gives an error message: “Setup incomplete because of a metered connection” .

The error message “Setup incomplete because of a metered connection” when connecting the device

If you turn off Metered Connection, you might forget to re-enable it. This leaves Windows updates free to install, whether you want it or not. However, there is an easy workaround.

Some devices, such as keyboard and mouse, still work even if you get this error. If everything else is working fine, you don’t need to change anything. However, you can still get the latest device drivers using the method in the next section.

Bluetooth downloads allowed

The easiest fix is to allow the Bluetooth device driver to download even with Metered Connection. These are usually small files that won’t affect your data plan. If you are concerned, check with the device manufacturer to see how large the driver files are.

Go to Settings> Devices .

Bluetooth should be the open default tab, but if not, select Bluetooth & other devices on the left. Scroll down to the right until you see Download over metered connections . Check the box to allow downloading via Metered Connection.

Check the box to allow downloading via Metered Connection

Your device (s) will start pairing. If a compatible driver is already on the system, pairing should take place almost immediately. If Windows 10 needs to download a driver, your device will pair as soon as the download is complete and the driver is installed.

Consider after pairing

This is where things get a little tricky. The Bluetooth Metered Connection error disappears after the device is successfully paired. That’s good news. However, if you uncheck download via Metered Connection settings, the error will reappear the next time you pair the device.

Depending on the device, Windows might allow it to pair, even without having to enable the download setting above. For example, I can connect Logitech mouse and keyboard every time without any problem. However, I cannot pair Philips speakers without checking the download box above. For over a year, Windows hasn’t downloaded anything for this pair of speakers, but Windows still wants to check for updates all the time.

If you do not want this setting enabled, create a shortcut to Bluetooth settings on the desktop. Uniform Resource Identifiers allows you to create shortcuts for multiple Windows installations.

For Bluetooth, right-click an empty area on the desktop and choose New> Shortcut .

Copy and paste the following in the box where the shortcut is – ms-settings: bluetooth.

Copy and paste the items into the box where the shortcut is – ms-settings: bluetooth

Click Next and name the shortcut. Then, click the desktop shortcut to quickly switch to Bluetooth settings and enable or disable the download option.

The error continues

If the Bluetooth Metered Connection error continues, you may have to completely turn off Metered Connection until the device pair. This rarely happens, but some users have problems with some devices.

When you turn off Metered Connection, give your device a few minutes for successful pairing. If you’re afraid of updates trying to install, pause Windows updates to temporarily “freeze” them. Default is 7 days. This setting is located in Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update . Scroll down until you see Pause updates for 7 days . Select this option to prevent updates.

Scroll down until you see Pause updates for 7 days

Just remember to reset the connection to Metered after the device is paired. In most cases, your device will continue to pair after this initial setup, although you may need to enable Metered Connection download in Bluetooth settings.