How to extract IMG files in Windows 10

How to extract IMG files in Windows 10

Anyone who has burned a disc is probably familiar with most disk image file formats. IMG is one of them and they are commonly used to compress programs, such as operating systems, software or video games.

The role of the IMG file

IMG files can serve as an extremely useful backup medium, especially if you are afraid that your originals might one day become corrupted and in many ways they resemble common file formats like ISO or BIN. .

Finally, you can also use the IMG file as a mountable disk image, which is extremely useful if you have an ultra-thin laptop that doesn’t come with an integrated optical drive.

However, there will be times when you do not want to mount the file but just extract it to see the file’s contents.

If that’s the case, review this step-by-step guide to help you achieve this quickly and easily.

Extract an IMG file on Windows using a third-party decompressor

Whenever dealing with compressed file formats or disk image, the first thought is to automatically switch to the decompression tool.

Although Windows 10 has the ability to mount IMG image files, it cannot decompress them, so third-party tools are your only option.

The article recommends you try WinZip as it is one of the best programs in the world of its kind.

What makes this program particularly useful is its ability to handle popular file formats. This means that WinZip can not only decompress IMG files, but also handle a variety of image file formats and other archive files.

Here is how you can use WinZip to extract IMG files easily:

1. Download and install WinZip.

2. Click Start , type winzip and launch WinZip when it appears in the results

3. Go to File and select Open.

Go to File and select Open

4. Double-click the IMG file. You need to set up your system to associate the IMG file format with WinZip for this feature to work.

Double-click the IMG file

5. Select the files in the IMG image you want to extract or press Ctrl + A to select them all.

6. Select the location where you want to extract the data and click Unzip.

7. Wait for WinZip to finish the extraction process.

Now that you have successfully extracted the contents of the IMG file, all you need to do is go to the extraction location and check if everything is okay.

Note : Although there are other third-party tools that can decompress IMG files, I recommend using WinZip because of its fast decompression speed and the multitude of file formats it supports.

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