How to enable microphone in Windows 10

How to enable microphone in Windows 10

After installing Windows 10, the microphone may be disabled. If this happens, there are several ways you can fix the problem before going out and buying a new sound card.

The free Windows 10 upgrade is available to everyone, but disables the microphone in the PC. For users who want to fix the problem, consider the following solutions.

How do I re-enable microphone on Windows 10?

1. Use third party software

There may be instances where the problem with the microphone occurs due to some sort of problem with the microphone driver. To fix this, the article recommends you to use DriverFix.

Use DriverFix to find missing and outdated device drivers

The tool will easily scan your PC for missing and outdated device drivers, and then automatically update them.

You can rest assured that you will receive the latest version of the driver, all you need to make sure the device is connected to the Internet. Use the best driver updates to make sure the microphone is working properly.

  • Download DriverFix

2. Turn on the microphone from Device Manager

B1: Access the Winx menu by pressing Windows + X keys simultaneously.

B2: Select Device Manager from the list.

Select Device Manager from the list

B3: Click Sound Video and Game Controllers .

B4: Click the sound card currently installed on the PC.

B5: Right click and select Enable.

B6: Restart your computer to finish the process.

Note : If there is a yellow warning icon next to the name of the sound controller, the driver for that driver has been damaged or uninstalled.

3. Turn on the microphone from Sound Settings

B1: In the bottom right corner of the Windows menu, right-click the Sound Settings icon .

B2: Scroll up and select Recording Devices.

B3: Click Recording.

B4: If there are devices listed, right click on the desired device.

B5: Select Enable.

Select Enable

B6: Right-click anywhere on the screen and choose Show Disabled Devices .

B7: Select microphone from the created list.

B8: Click Properties.

B9: In Device Usage , select Use this Device (Enable) .

B10: Click Apply> OK .

4. Turn on the microphone from Windows Settings

B1: Access Windows Settings by pressing Windows and I keys simultaneously.

B2: Click Privacy.

B3: On the left menu, select Microphone.

Select Microphone on the left menu

B4: In Let apps use my microphone , make sure the indicator is set to On.

If these solutions do not resolve the problems with the microphone, then the computer hardware may be damaged.

Hardware problems can be solved by purchasing external components or installing new internal components. Resolving the sound problems might require a few reboots and reinstallation.

Make sure to use up all possible options before buying new hardware to avoid losing money!