How to disable the Shake to Minimize feature in Windows 10

How to disable the Shake to Minimize feature in Windows 10

Known since the Windows 7 era as the Aero Shake , this feature allows you to minimize the remaining windows by clicking the ribbon of the window you want to open and shaking it while holding the left mouse button. This feature, now called Shake to Minimize, is in Windows 10.

Some people love it, but others don’t find it helpful (or it would be much better if you could shake to cancel minimizing things again). This feature can even hinder if you tend to feel uncomfortable moving the mouse.

In today’s article, you will learn how to disable Shake to Minimize. You can do this using the Windows Registry. Although the procedure is safe if you follow the instructions correctly, then you should still back up your Windows 10 registry first of all.

First, open Registry Editor by pressing Win + R and type regedit in the box.

In Registry Editor , go to:


Here, right-click on an empty space in the right panel, select New> DWORD (32-bit) , then name it DisallowShaking.

Create a new DisallowShaking value

Double-click the newly created entry, then change the number in the Value box to 1 and click OK. The Shake to Minimiz e feature is no longer active!

Now that you’ve successfully disabled the Shake to Minimize feature, there are many other registry tweaks you can apply. Refer to the article: Unlock hidden features on Windows 10 with some Registry tips for more details. Keeping your PC healthy is also important, so check out our guide to Windows 10 hard drive health check.