How to delete copyright notice in the right corner of the screen on Windows 10

How to delete copyright notice in the right corner of the screen on Windows 10

Of course, you can also use Windows 10 without activation. If you don’t activate Windows 10, some features like Personalization are blocked in the Settings app. Also, Windows 10 still works fine. In fact, Microsoft offers all the updates even if your copy of Windows 10 isn’t activated.

But if you haven’t activated, do you see a Windows 10 activation message in the right corner of the screen? This watermark is long-lasting and often appears on screen. Although this is only a minor annoyance, sometimes it appears even when Windows is properly activated, but also annoying while you are working. This article will guide you how to delete copyright notice on Windows 10.

How to remove copyright notice on Windows 10

  • What is Windows Activation?
  • Using non-activated Windows 10
  • View activation status
  • How to activate Windows 10
    • 1. Enter a valid product key
    • 2. Run the activation troubleshooter
    • 3. Review enterprise activation
    • 4. Buy a new Windows 10 key
  • How to remove Windows 10 license request notifications
    • 5. Use the Universal Watermark Disabler tool
    • 6. Disable Windows 10 Tips
    • 7. Other ways to remove copyright notices

What is Windows Activation?

Before we proceed, we will first briefly explain about Windows activation. While you can install Windows 10 for free on all computers, it doesn’t activate the operating system. Activation checks your copy of Windows with Microsoft to make sure it’s genuine. You will have two options for activating Windows 10: using a product key or through a digital license.

You will receive a product key if you buy a Windows 10 license from Microsoft or other retailers. If you bought a computer with an operating system pre-installed, you also have a product key available. In the case of users upgrading Windows 10 from a copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 with a digital certificate and no product key required to activate.

Windows 10 allows users to associate digital certificates with Microsoft accounts so they can be reactivated in the future with ease.

Using non-activated Windows 10

In fact, a non-activated copy of Windows 10 works almost as well as an activated copy with only a few minor limitations.

You should see the words Activate Windows in the lower right corner of the screen along with a message in the Settings to know that Windows is not activated. In addition, you cannot use items in Personalization of Settings such as wallpaper, color, Taskbar and other similar settings cannot be changed.

If you don’t need to make those modifications, then Windows 10 is not activated working very well, you still get the system update.

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View activation status

To find out why a copyright request appears on the system, go to Settings> Update & Security> Activation .

Here, you will see your computer’s status, what to do to activate or delete this copyright request notice. We’ll see a few common reasons and how to fix them. You can look for a specific error code if your problem is not covered in this article.

How to activate Windows 10

1. Enter a valid product key

You can see in the screenshot above, Windows 10 is not activated because the previous version of Windows is also not activated. This Windows 10 system was upgraded from Windows 7 and didn’t enter a product key during the installation.

Therefore, Windows 10 is not activated and displays this copyright notice. The same issue will occur if you install a fresh copy of Windows on your computer and don’t enter a product key during the installation process.

An easy way to resolve this issue and remove the Windows 10 license request message is to enter a valid product key if available. Windows 10 accepts any valid Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 key. If you still have the key on your old Windows 7 computer, you can activate Windows 10.

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Click on Change product key and enter the 25-digit product key to activate Windows. If you enter a valid key that has not been used too many times, Windows 10 will activate and the copyright request will no longer exist.

If your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 computer has been activated but doesn’t know its product key, see how to recover Windows product key.

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2. Run the activation troubleshooter

Another common activation problem occurs when you perform an upgrade of your computer, such as replacing the motherboard. Windows 10 associates your digital license with your computer’s components, so when it makes big changes, it no longer recognizes it’s your computer.

To resolve this issue, you can run the Windows activation troubleshooter to re-associate your Windows account with your computer and reactivate Windows. Open the troubleshooter by going to Settings> Update & Security> Activation again and clicking on Troubleshoot . When the troubleshooter opens, click on I changed hardware on this device recently to log in to your Microsoft account.

If you didn’t link your digital certificate to your Microsoft account before you made the hardware change, this won’t work. You need to contact Microsoft support for help.

3. Review enterprise activation

If Windows was activated from the enterprise server and lost contact with that server, it will display this license request message. This is a less common issue but still worth mentioning.

When you access the Activation menu, you will see a message such as We can’t activate Windows on this device because we can’t connect to your organization’s activation server. In this case, you need to reconnect the computer to the corporate network and re-enable it. You should use a corporate VPN for this if you can’t physically connect to it.

4. Buy a new Windows 10 key

If you don’t have a valid Windows key, don’t connect your digital license to your Microsoft account, and your problem doesn’t lie with enterprise activation, then your only (legal) option left is to buy the key. New product for Windows 10.

You can buy the product key from the Activation menu in Settings , click Go to Store . Here, you can buy a product key for Windows 10 Home (VND 3.2 million) or Windows 10 Pro (VND 4.6 million) depending on which version you have installed.

If you don’t want to spend that much money, you can look online for other retailers. Example: Walmart has an OEM copy of Windows 10 Home for VND 2.3 million at the time of writing. You can find even higher discounts from third-party websites, but be careful not to buy fake keys.

When you activate Windows 10 with a new key, go back to the Activation menu and make sure it’s linked to your Microsoft account. If it is not already linked, click Add an account , sign in to your Microsoft account to be able to reactivate in the future.

Other Windows 10 activation issues

In addition to the above activation issues, you are also experiencing an incorrect product key. For example, the Windows 10 Home key cannot activate Windows 10 Pro.

Additionally, Microsoft limits the number of times you can purchase a product key to activate Windows. If you have used multiple keys before, you may not be able to buy a new key.

How to remove Windows 10 license request notifications

If the above activation methods didn’t work and don’t want to buy a license, you can see how to delete the Windows 10 activation message without actually activating it below.

This article will briefly cover a few workarounds for this problem, but be aware, but this is not guaranteed to solve the problem completely.

5. Use the Universal Watermark Disabler tool

Winaero provides a tool called Universal Watermark Disabler, which is a solution for removing Windows 10 copyright notices. Just download the tool and open it, then choose Install from the dialog box to sign out computer. After logging in again, the activation message was lost.

6. Disable Windows 10 Tips

Some people have reported that going to Settings> System> Notifications & actions and disabling Show me the Windows welcome experience… and Get tips, tricks, and suggestions … disables the Windows 10 copyright request after restarting.

7. Other ways to remove copyright notices

There are two other ways to remove Windows 10 activation notification you can try the above. The first way is to run a batch command that includes the command taskkill / F / IM explorer.exe . This command will restart File Explorer and its progress. This is not directly related to the activation message but it may disappear for a while, most likely it will come back.

The second way is to edit the Registry.

Option 1:

You need to find a key called PaintDesktopVersion and set it to 0.

Plan 2:

To remove Windows licensing notices, you do not have to use any third-party software. All you need to do is edit a registry value named “Start”. The implementation is quite simple. Make a backup of the registry to be safe and proceed with the steps below.

Step 1 : Press the “Start” key to open the Start menu .

Step 2 : Type “Registry Editor” and click the result to open Registry Editor.

Step 3 : Click “Yes” in the User Access Control (UAC) pop-up window.

Step 4 : Copy the registry path below.

Step 5 : Paste it in the address bar and press “Enter”. You will be taken to the “svsvc” folder in the registry.

Step 6 : On the right page, find and double-click the value “Start”.

Find and double-click the “Start” value.

Step 7 : Enter “4” in the “Value Data” field.

Enter “4” in the “Value Data” field.

Step 8 : Click OK to save the changes.

Step 9 : Close Registry Editor.

Step 10 : Restart Windows 10.

After rebooting the system, if all goes well, you should no longer see the “Activate Windows” watermark on the desktop.

With that said, you should avoid downloading random software notifications that could remove Windows activation or licensing requests as they may contain malware. Be careful to take other measures that require modifying or deleting system files, as this can lead to problems for your system.

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Above we have looked at some ways to remove Windows 10 copyright notice, but the most reliable way to get rid of it permanently is to activate the operating system. And you don’t have to buy a new key to do this, as we’ve seen.

While the ways of clearing notifications without activating them can be helpful for a while, it can come back. If you don’t mind the lack of personalization options, then leave it alone.

I wish you all success!