How to create a Spotlight-style search bar (macOS) on Windows 10

How to create a Spotlight-style search bar (macOS) on Windows 10

The macOS search feature Spotlight Search is similar to Windows Search, but the interface is much simpler. If you open the Search bar on Windows, it will display a lot of content such as frequently accessed applications, file history, … Spotlight Search has a simpler interface, only showing results that match keywords. that you enter only. If you like Spotlight Search’s simple search on macOS, then you can bring it to your Windows 10 computer with simple implementation.

Use PowerToys

On macOS, simply press Command + Space to access Spotlight. For Windows 10, thanks to the PowerToys utility suite, you can also create a Spotlight-style search bar, and launch it through the Alt + Space key combination, by doing the following.

First, to get this handy search bar, you need to install PowerToys on the system. Here’s a collection of free Microsoft Windows 10 utilities. You can download PowerToys from Github at this link.

After the PowerToys is installed successfully, launch the PowerToys Setup. Next, look at the options pane on the left side of the screen and click ” PowerToys Run “. Make sure the option ” Enable PowerToys Run ” is enabled.

Enable PowerToys Run

Then, close PowerToys Setup and try your new search bar experience. Press Alt + Space and you’ll see a macOS Spotlight-style minimal search bar appear in the center of your Windows desktop.

After entering the search term, you can press Enter to immediately launch (or open) the first result. Or you can also select individual results in the list with the mouse key or the cursor and press Enter.

You can also use some of the advanced options that appear next to each result to do some cool additional actions, such as:

  • Copy icon: Copy the file path to the clipboard (only applies to documents).
  • A box with shield icon: Run the application as administrator (programs only).
  • Folder Icon: Opens the containing folder, shows the location of the file or application in File Explorer.
  • C: Box: This will open a path to the file or document in the command prompt.

In addition, you can also completely use the Spotlight style search bar to completely replace the familiar Windows + R “Run” dialog box. Just press Alt + Space, type in keywords and press Enter, the program you want will launch immediately.

Use the Jarvis tool

Step 1:

We download the Jarvis tool according to the link below and then proceed to boot to use.

In this interface, click Install to use and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 2:

Once installed, click on the Jarvis icon in the system tray and then select Settings in the interface displayed.

In the tool settings interface, click File Indexing to adjust the directory or files that you want to appear when searching on your computer.

If you want Jarvis to search for files in any folder , click the Include tab and click Add to add a folder. The opposite is the Exclude tab with folders and file formats that you don’t want to appear in search results. Click Save to save when there are changes.

Step 3:

Finally, to open the Spotlight Search search bar , users use the Alt + Space key combination . Now immediately display the search bar for you to enter keywords. When typing in keywords, the results shown below will only be the files with the same name as the keyword you entered. The search interface is also very simple, not much else like Windows Search.

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