How to create a circular Windows 10 app launcher

How to create a circular Windows 10 app launcher

The CircleDock tool creates a fancy circle-shaped desktop application launcher instead of manually opening an application from the home screen or through the Start Menu. Then you can select and arrange your favorite applications, the web browser installed on the computer in a circle. And this circle will appear in any interface on the screen to launch the application quickly, or you can rotate the circle while scrolling the middle mouse. The following article will guide you how to create an app opening circle on Windows 10.

Instructions for creating Windows circular application openers

Step 1:

Download the CircleDock tool from the link below. Then in the unzipped folder, you click on the exe file to launch the CircleDock tool and it’s done without having to install much.

  • Download the CircleDock tool

Step 2:

At this time, the screen will display a circle with the familiar Window 7 icon. You right-click the circle and then select Change Icon to change the image, icon according to your liking with your own image or the icon available on the computer.

Now display on your computer for you to select a new icon if you want.

Step 3:

Right-click and select Settings . Now you can customize big or small circle, change circle, rotation speed and transparency of circle, shortcut to open CircleDock.

Step 4:

After we are done setting up the circle, we drag the app icon on the outside of the screen onto the CircleDock circle . The amount added to the circle will be unlimited. When there is no room in a circle, the tool automatically switches to a new circle.

To rotate the circle, scroll the middle mouse, to hide the circle, also click the middle mouse button. To completely exit the program , click the CircleDock icon in the system tray and select right mouse> Quit .

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