How to change the view of Disk Management on Windows 10

How to change the view of Disk Management on Windows 10

Disk Management is a Microsoft Windows utility first introduced in Windows XP to replace the fdisk command. It allows users to view and manage the drives installed in the computer and the partitions associated with those drives. Each drive is displayed by layout, type, file system, status, size, free space,% free space, and fault tolerance.

The following image shows you what Disk Management can look like when its view is changed. If you’re wondering about how to implement it in this article, Macworld will illustrate methods change view Disk Management in Windows 10 computer for your reference.

Disk Management when its view is changed

Video tutorial how to change view of Disk Management on Windows 10

Steps to change Disk Management view on Windows 10

Step 1 : Open Disk Management.

Step 2 : Do either of the following to change the Disk Management view the way you want.

Option 1 : Click View on the menu bar, click Top in the View menu and choose one of the Disk List, Volume List and Graphical View items displayed from the top.

Click Top in the View menu

Method 2 : Click View , select Bottom in the menu and choose Disk List, Volume List or Graphical View in the submenu to display at the bottom.

Click View, select Bottom

Hope you are succesful.

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