How to change the desktop wallpaper Win 10

How to change the desktop wallpaper Win 10

Manipulating the desktop wallpaper is very simple and easy with almost the same operation on Windows operating system versions, on Windows 8 or changing wallpaper Win 7. To set wallpaper for your computer, you You can perform at the image with the option Set as desktop background, or done in the Settings interface with a few more settings to change the background image. The following article will guide you how to change the wallpaper of your Windows 10 computer, laptop with 4 different ways, simple and fast.

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Method 1: Set Win 10 wallpapers directly from photos

Here’s how to change wallpaper Windows 10 on your computer, laptop simplest and fastest. We just need to right click on the image we want to set as wallpaper and select Set as desktop background .

Soon the wallpaper will be changed on a Windows 10 computer.

If you want to set multiple images as wallpapers in Windows 10 and let them display alternately, just highlight them to select all those wallpapers, right-click and also select Set as desktop background as above. Then if you want to adjust the time to change the background image, follow the method 2 below.

Method 2: Change Windows 10 wallpaper in Settings

In the Settings interface, in addition to choosing the image you want to set as wallpaper, you will have more options such as setting the mode for displaying the wallpaper, choosing the color as the wallpaper, or changing the wallpaper from time to time. establish.

Step 1:

At the Win 10 desktop interface, right-click and choose Personalize .

Step 2:

In the Windows Settings interface, set up the Background, we will have the option to set different backgrounds, including Solid (color image), Picture (selected image) and Slideshow (slide image).

Step 3:

With the Picture option , when you click the Browse button, you will find the image you want as a Windows 10 wallpaper available on your computer.

Click on the image you want to select and then click Choose pciture . The photo will then be set as Windows 10 desktop wallpaper.

We can adjust the size of the image to fit the screen size, in the Choose a fit option .

Step 4:

When you click on the Solid Color option , users will see a color palette to choose from to set as Win 10 wallpapers by color.

If you want to customize the background color, you can click Custom Color . Then appears a custom background color panel with many different parameters.

Step 5:

When clicking the Slideshow option , users can choose an image folder to set as the desktop wallpaper, by clicking the Browse button.

Then select the photo folder you want to use and click the Choose this folder button.

Next to the Change picture every section will choose the time to change the wallpaper, the fastest is 1 minute and the longest is 1 day. The Shuffle section is an option to change the desktop wallpaper randomly. Choose a fit used to change the size of the wallpaper.

Method 3: Change wallpaper from web browser

This method is useful when you come across an interesting picture on the web and want to set it as your wallpaper in Windows 10. Note that this method only applies to Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. While using Microsoft Edge browser or Google Chrome, you need to save the photo to your PC first and then follow method 1.

Step 1 : Go to the website showing the images you want to set as the Windows 10 wallpaper.

Step 2 : Right-click on the image and then click on the option Set as desktop background .

Change the wallpaper from the web browser

To set an animated GIF as your desktop background, please see how to use GIF as a beautiful wallpaper for your Windows 10 computer.

Method 4: Change wallpaper from Photos app

Step 1 : Open the photo file you want to set as your Windows 10 wallpaper using Photos app.

Step 2 : After the image is opened with Photos app, right-click on the image file, choose Set as , then click Set as background to apply it as your desktop wallpaper.

Change the wallpaper from the Photos app

Above are all the actions of changing the wallpaper on Windows 10, with 4 different ways. If we change the wallpaper in the Windows Settings interface, we will have many different options for the background such as setting the background image according to slideshow, choosing the image size suitable for the screen size, changing the background image within some time …

I wish you all success!