How to burn ISO image file to CD or DVD

How to burn ISO image file to CD or DVD

During data backup and encryption, sometimes you need to burn an ISO image file to a CD or DVD for use in cases of need (especially in data recovery). Today, we will together learn how to use ImgBurn, ISO Recorder, Windows Disc Image Burner software in Windows 7 and the Burn to Disc option in Windows 10 to burn ISO images to CD, DVD right on your computer. calculated at home.

You may need to burn an ISO image of an operating system, software application, CD, DVD … Overall, no matter what the ISO image is, in general, burning an ISO image is a fairly simple process. simple and here we will use the 3 above free tools to do this (there are also many other useful free CD and DVD burning tools, you can refer to the article ” Free CD and DVD burning software on your computer “for more information).

Use ImgBurn

ImgBurn is one of the best CD and DVD burning software available today. True to its name, this software was developed to burn images to disc with many useful functions. ImgBurn supports most popular formats such as BIN, CCD, CDI, CUE, DI, DVD, GI, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and PDI.

The easiest way to use ImgBurn is to burn an image to a blank disc in your CD / DVD drive. First you download ImgBurn here and follow the installation instructions of the publisher.

After ImgBurn has been successfully installed, right-click on the ISO file you want to burn and choose Burn using ImgBurn .

ImgBurn will then open with the source and destination fields filled in with the required information by default. You can keep or edit these default settings, and then click the Write button.

Next, you will see that the ImgBurn Log screen is open by default and is meant to show error messages that you may receive while burning the ISO file.

Next you will wait for ImgBurn to do the rest on its own. After the process is complete, click Ok and close ImgBurn.

Use ISO Recorder

ISO Recorder (download link here) is a very great utility, dedicated to burning ISO images to disc. This software has versions for XP, Vista and Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit).

First you put your blank disc into the CD / DVD drive, right-click on the ISO image file you want to burn and choose Copy image to CD .

In the next window, you will see the path to the ISO image file in the Source Image field. Look down below, in the Recorder section, you choose the drive and disk you need to record, as well as choose the recording speed and then click Next .

The next window shows the process of burning the ISO file to a blank disc is in progress, your task at this step is just waiting!

Accomplished! Once the process is complete, your disc will be popped out and you can click Finish to close ISO Recorder.

Using Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, immediately use the Disc Image Burner feature of Windows to burn the ISO image to disc.

In this example we’ll burn the Office 2007 ISO image to a DVD. First, right-click on the ISO image you want to burn and choose Burn disc image.

This will open the Windows Disc Image Burner dialog box, where you proceed to select your CD or DVD drive and don’t forget to check the Verify disc after burning the click Burn option.

Click on Burn and a progress bar will appear informing you about the time until the ISO image burning is complete.

Done, the burning was successful! However, burning ISO images with Disc Image Burner will not be as fast as 2 third-party software as mentioned above because this is only a built-in tool.

Use the Burn to Disc option in Windows 10

Windows 10’s File Explorer has built-in options for burning to disk directly. You do not have to use any third party software. Just select the files or folders you want to burn, point them to a blank CD or DVD and select the Burn to Disc option .

Note : Before continuing, I will assume that you already have a blank DVD or CD and a CD / DVD burner. Most CD / DVD drives on a desktop or laptop computer have the ability to burn to CD / DVD.

Here are the steps to burn to disc in Windows 10 using File Explorer’s Burn to Disc option.

1. First, insert a blank CD / DVD into the CD / DVD drive.

2. Make sure to put all the files you want to burn to disc in the same folder.

3. Go to the folder containing the files you want to record.

4. Select all files and folders using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A.

5. Next, right-click on the selected files and choose the option Send to> DVD Drive .

6. You will see the Burn a Disc window. Here, select the With a CD / DVD Player option .

7. Click Next to continue.

Click Next to continue

8. As soon as you select this option, Windows will burn the files and folders to a blank disk.

Windows will write files and folders to a blank disk

9. When the burning is complete, Windows will automatically open the CD / DVD drive and display all the newly recorded files and folders. If the drive doesn’t open automatically, open it manually from File Explorer.

10. Click the Drive Tools option on the File Explorer top bar.

11. Click the Finish Burning option in Drive Tools.

12. Now, you can remove the disc from the CD / DVD drive.

You don’t need an expensive professional application to burn an ISO image to a disc, just using any one of these free utilities will suffice for the basics. Good luck!

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