How to automatically change the Windows 10 taskbar color

How to automatically change the Windows 10 taskbar color

There are many ways to customize the Taskbar in Windows 10, such as making the Taskbar transparent, changing the position of the Taskbar or changing the color of the Taskbar with colors available on the system. However, users can only choose a single color to install for the Taskbar and then change to another color if desired. In case you want to automatically change the color for Taskbar on Windows 10, you can install the TaskbarEffectLT application. This application will provide a color palette for you to choose the color you want to use for the Taskbar, then change the color to rotate automatically, or change the color gamut automatically. In addition, users also have other customizations on the system. The following article will guide you to read how to use TaskbarEffectLT on Windows 10.

How to change the color of the Taskbar with TaskbarEffectLT

Step 1:

We install the TaskbarEffectLT application in Windows 10 according to the link below.

  • Download the Windows 10 TaskbarEffectLT app

Step 2:

Display the color change setting interface for the Taskbar in Windows 10. The application will alternate between 3 colors by setting the color selection and changing the color gamut between 3 colors. You will only be able to change the colors in the Lower and Upper sections, while the Current section will remain fixed.

Now display the color code table for the user to choose the color in the palette and then click OK to save. Immediately the Taskbar will be colored by your choice and then randomized.

Step 3:

To automatically display colors for the Taskbar as soon as you open your computer, click Setup> Startup to let the application start with Windows.

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